Creating a community of compassion to support families through the loss of their child.


  • Providing professional resources to support families in expressing their feelings of loss and grief.
  • Assisting parents and families in connecting with other parents who have experienced loss and providing facilitated support.
  • Educating both the medical and local community to the understanding that these families are on a life-long journey.
  • Providing support comfort at known difficult milestones such as dates of birth, death and holidays.


Group meets the first Thursday of every month a.t 6 p.m. in the Valley View Hospital Chapel.


Trained facilitators reach out to parents at time of loss and at regularly planned times folloing their loss. Initial contact is one-on-one with the hope of incorporating new parents/families into loss group monthly meetings. If you choose to continue, one-on-one support is available upon request.

Phone: 970.384.7200