Baby-Friendly means what’s best for your baby.

Your newly born baby will be placed on your chest for immediate bonding. This includes skin to skin contact immediately after birth and throughout your baby’s stay.

Skin-to-skin benefits:
• Better breastfeeding
• Helps your baby’s temperature remain normal
• Helps your baby keep normal heart and breathing rates
• Helps your baby’s blood sugar remain normal
• Less stress for you and your baby
• Your baby will cry less

Baby-Friendly at Valley View Hospital means:
• Hospital staff know how to support breastfeeding mothers
• Hospital procedures and practices are supportive of breastfeeding
• The best start for baby for long-term good health

The American Academy of Pediatrics and healthcare providers recommend exclusive breastfeeding for six months, followed by continued breastfeeding as complementary foods are introduced, with breastfeeding continuing for one year or longer.

Breastfeeding benefits compared to formula fed babies:
• Fewer ear infections
• Fewer stomach problems and diarrhea
• Fewer lung infections
• Less risk of diabetes, childhood cancers and obesity
• Less allergies and asthma
• Increased I.Q.

Mother benefits:
• Reduce risk of high blood pressure, breast/ovarian cancer, heart disease, and diabetes
• Strengthens bones
• Lose weight gained during pregnancy

Additional benefits:
• It saves money!
• It’s convenient! Always with you and ready to go
• It’s always ready! Little to pack when you leave home and always the right temperature

Successful breastfeeding begins with:
• Support from hospital staff
• Breastfeeding within one hour after birth
• Babies staying in mother’s room 24 hours a day
• Feeding based on baby’s cues
• limited use of pacifiers until breastfeeding is established
• Breastfeeding support after going home
• Pumping support