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    We’ve got your back.

    Most of us have had it—a throbbing, aching pain in our back that keeps us from our daily activities. For some the hurt lasts for just a couple of days, for others the pain lingers for months or even years. More than 80% of Americans experience low back pain within their lifetimes, the pain is often so severe it results in lost days at work.

    At the Comprehensive Spine Center at Valley View, we’ll help you understand the cause of your pain and develop a personalized care plan to help you return to your everyday.

    “Dr. Miller spends whatever time is needed to answer any questions. He took time to review my X-rays and explain them. He has a great rapport with all his patients. I feel blessed to have him available at VVH.”

      Prevention is Key to Back Pain Relief

        Sustain good posture as you stand or sit
        Maintain a healthy weight
        Eat a balanced diet
        Exercise to keep your back and abdomen strong and flexible
        Reduce stress
        If you smoke, QUIT


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