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    Taking care of your spine means preventing injury, caring for low back pain with conservative, proven methods, and intervention with surgery only when necessary. If conservative measures fail to improve your pain or you have a significant structural abnormality seen in an imaging study, it might be time to see a neurosurgeon.

    When a surgical pathway is determined to be the best option for our patients, our board-certified spine surgeons have the expertise and cutting-edge technology at their fingertips to ensure you get the very best spine care. Every day, our doctors work to combine knowledge, compassion, and technical skills to ensure the best outcome in your care. We use the latest advances in medical technology, surgical instrumentation and microscopes, making it possible for us to perform spine surgery with smaller incisions than previously performed during traditional open surgery.

    O arm minimally invasive surgery brain and spine center glenwood springs colorado For many of our minimally invasive surgeries, we utilize the O-Arm Stealth Navigation System to provide us real-time, intra-operative imaging of a patient’s spine with high quality images and a large field-of-view in both two and three dimensions. This technology allows us to perform major spine surgery through minimal incisions and to confirm the accuracy of advanced surgical procedures before the patient leaves the operating room. The greater accuracy afforded by the O-Arm means a less invasive, faster procedure with noted quicker recovery times and improved patient outcomes.

    Minimally Invasive benefits

    • Shorter hospital stay
    • Fewer muscles cut
    • Less scarring
    • Less bleeding
    • Quicker and less painful recovery

    “My surgeon is an amazing man and doctor. He is always focused on me and my concerns. That’s kind of rare in today’s medical world. And nice!”

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