Jason Collins, MD
It wasn’t until my first volunteer experience, reading newspapers to sick patients, that I realized why I wanted to go into medicine. Today, I am reminded of that decision every day. It generally comes with a simple smile or squeeze of the hand, or a thank you from one of my patients. Specializing in gastroenterology and hepatology allows me to help people with everyday problems we are all faced with. They are the seemingly simple things, like stomach pains, heartburn and difficulty swallowing, but they really affect the quality of life. I moved to Glenwood Springs because I was looking for a community where practically everybody is a neighbor. It has been a great experience.

Gerald Tomasso, MD, FACP
When I was 15, I worked in a hospital and realized I wanted to be a doctor as I enjoyed working with people and excelled in science while in school. I had a great teacher during my residency who interested me in gastroenterology. Today, I enjoy being on a first-name basis with my patients, treating every person with their best interest front and center, and I get excellent feedback from them. What I enjoy most is there are so many great, caring physicians and staff here at Valley View.