Admission Information
Patients are admitted with the assistance of Valley View’s medical staff. An admissions staff member may contact you a day or so in advance of your stay to see that you are introduced to the hospital routine. To avoid unnecessary delays, we will set up a specific time for you to be admitted to the hospital.

Consent Forms
All patients will be asked to sign a consent for treatment at the time of admission. If during your stay, you should require surgery or a special procedure, your physician will ask you to sign additional consent forms for each procedure ordered. If you do not fully understand what you are being asked to sign, do not hesitate to ask. Permission for treatment of minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Your signature on the consent for treatment also authorizes the hospital to release medical information regarding your hospitalization to the insurance carrier listed on your account. You may choose to retract the consent; however, you may delay or impede the payment of your hospital bill by the insurance carrier. Diagnosis specific consents may also be needed and will be obtained during your hospitalization if possible.

Identification Bracelet
When you are admitted, an identification bracelet is placed on your wrist. This is for your safety and it must remain on your wrist during your entire hospital stay.

Length of Stay
Your length of stay is determined by your physician. Because your hospital and your physician do not want to keep you any longer than is absolutely necessary for your recovery, the medical staff has formed a Utilization Review Committee
This committee makes an effort to contain costs by discouraging unnecessary use of hospital facilities, by reviewing information on treatments and patient care and by helping doctors treat their patients more efficiently.

Concurrent review of your treatment and discharge plans are frequently implemented to meet the review requirements of your insurance carrier.