Valley View Hospital was built in 1955 with $340,000 raised by local residents, which was matched with federal funds dedicated to building rural hospitals. It was an auspicious beginning for an organization that wanted the best in healthcare for the community, and found the support it needed in its own backyard.

Today, philanthropy remains an important part of Valley View’s commitment to healthcare innovation and excellence. The Valley View Foundation was established in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as Valley View’s philanthropic arm, tapping into the community pride, generosity and passion that enabled the hospital’s initial founding.

The Valley View Foundation’s mission to accelerate excellence in healthcare at Valley View through philanthropy means more today than it ever has. Contributions from community members, for example, were central to the creation ofthe Calaway/Young Cancer Center, and the Advanced Catheterization Laboratories, giving patients access to groundbreaking technology and treatment options.

Past Fund Raising Efforts

Full-spectrum Cancer Care
The Rally Fund
What sets Valley View apart is its dedication to humanizing the patient experience through medical treatment. The Rally Fund, supports the healing services and comfort resources to patients of the Calaway • Young Cancer Center. It addresses the mind, body and spirit of those facing a cancer diagnosis.
Patient Centered Treatment
Patient Centered Treatment
for Patients with Movement Disorders
Movement disorders are a group of nervous system conditions that cause a person to have abnormal voluntary or involuntary movements, or slow, reduced movements. In 2013, the Foundation raised funds to expand the expertise and training of Valley View’s rehabilitation therapies to work with patients and to support a quality of life for them and their caregivers.
Calaway • Young Cancer Center
Capital & Patient Care Initiative
In 2010, the Foundation exceeded its goal of raising $7 million by $600,000, helping to complete the new cancer center at Valley View. The center is named after Jim and Connie Calaway, local philanthropists, and Bob Young, the founder and chairman of Alpine Bank, lead donors to the campaign. With the new center, radiation therapy became available close to home, in addition to medical and surgical oncology services.
Nurse Residency Program
The hospital’s nurse residency program provides recent graduates with a full year of in-depth training and hands-on experience. In turn, nurses gain the confidence and capabilities to ensure greater care for everyone at the hospital. In 2009, the Foundation raised funds to support this important program.
Acute Care Family Rooms
For patients with severe illnesses, the space for contemplation and conversation is vital. In 2008, the Foundation raised funds to create family rooms in the hospital’s new acute care wing. The wing serves an average of 18 patients every day.
Heart and Vascular Outreach
In 2007, the Foundation continued to support the Heart & Vascular Center by raising funds to purchase specialized, mobile heart diagnostic equipment for the hospital’s outlying clinics in Silt, Willits and Eagle. This equipment brought additional advanced cardiac technologies to the region.
Heart & Vascular Center
In 2006, the Foundation partnered with the hospital to establish the Heart & Vascular Center, a key component of the hospital’s vision for becoming a regional medical center. The Foundation raised funds to support the construction of a cardiac catheterization lab. The lab opened in 2007 and has grown to perform over 600 procedures annually, bringing world-class care to our local community.
Stereotactic Biopsy Equipment

A stereotactic biopsy is a non-invasive method to sample a lump inside the breast. For patients, the precision and accuracy of this machine can support the critical diagnosis of a malignant or benign lump. In 2005, the Foundation raised funds to help purchase a machine. Today, over 300 stereotactic biopsies are performed each year at Valley View.

Cancer Center
In 2004, the Foundation led a campaign to build a medical oncology cancer center in the hospital. The Foundation raised funds for the treatment rooms, allowing patients to receive their care in a private, comfortable setting. By 2009, the 5,500 square foot center could barely contain the 6,800 procedures performed.
Valley View Foundation

“I feel philanthropy isn’t about giving; it’s about leaving a legacy. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right philanthropy. Our family chooses Valley View Hospital Foundation.” – Marianne Virgili, Glenwood Springs

Valley View Foundation

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