We could spend millions of dollars on cutting-edge medical equipment, spacious modern facilities, and an army of best-practices consultants, but that wouldn’t be enough to help a single person.

Healing comes from the humans that work those machines, carefully explain a diagnosis, and care for their sick and injured neighbors in a respectful and compassionate way. We search for doctors and staff from all over the world, and are as interested in their attitudes as in their academic accomplishments. And while many community hospitals, physician practices and specialty centers are struggling to attract the most talented and caring people, Valley View rarely has that problem.

The reasons that the population of our region is growing — and the reasons we need more doctors, nurses, and support staff — are the very reasons that attract staff to Valley View. The people are friendly, the landscape breathtaking, the weather amazing. Those amenities of big city living that some people swear they’ll never leave are here as well, including world-class dining, symphonies and ballet and opera, and more fancy coffee places than you can shake a stir stick at.

For the athlete and the nature lover, Western Colorado is paradise. The skiing is among the best in the world, as is the fly fishing. Hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking… if it can raise your heart rate, we have it in spades.

This is truly a special place, the kind that attracts special people.