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CPR and Safe Sitter Class Options for 2014

Health Care Provider - Online Skills Check Off Sessions.

This course is designed for Nurses and other Healthcare workers. You will get Infant, Child and Adult CPR. You will be trained in 2-man CPR and using the Bag-Valve Mask as well as the AED.

Although it is designed for Healthcare Providers, anyone can take it.

V.V.H. Nursing Staff are required to take this course through their Healthstream account. Check your CPR card expiration! You don’t want to let it expire, before you get renewed. We currently offer On-line Skills Check Off Sessions. See below for price and scheduling. We no longer offer "Live" Health Care Provider classes.

Heart Saver CPR/AED with First Aid

The "Live Class" offers both CPR/AED and First Aid for the lay-person. This course is NOT for Healthcare Providers! 

This is a great class for most non-healthcare professions, such as: parents, outdoor guides, ski instructors, pre-school teachers, ski patrol, raft guides, etc.

It is a 6 to 8 hour class.  These classes are scheduled on a quarterly basis or can be reserved for a private group. We also offer Heart Saver CPR/AED with First Aid Online Skills Check Off Sessions. Schedule and Prices Below. 

Live Heart Saver CPR/AED with First Aid Class Date:
 March 8th
from 9am-4pm.  
July 19th, Saturday from 9am-4pm.

Call us at 970-384-7566 to register.


  • Course cost is : $65 per person
  • Books : $24.00 (required)
Total Cost is: $89.00

All Online Skills Check Off Pricing and Dates  

(Time slots: either 30 or 45 minutes each, depending on the course – see below dates and times).

We provide Online Skills Check-off Sessions for both Health Care Provider and Heart Saver CPR/AED with First Aid.

Health Care Provider: $35
Heart Saver CPR/AED Only: $35
Heart Saver First Aid Only: $35
Heart Saver CPR/AED with First Aid: $45

February 28 - Time slots available from 9-Noon
March 5 - Time slots available from 6-8pm
March 21 - Time slots available from 9-Noon
April 2 - Time slots available from 6-8pm
April 21 - Time slots available from 9-Noon
May 5 - Time slots available from 9-noon
May 7 - Time slots from 6-8pm
June 4 - Time slots from 6-8pm

Please call us at 970-384-7566 to register and make payment arrangements. Email Registrations cannot be accepted. 

AHA-Safe Sitter Classes through the American Heart Association

All classes are scheduled from 8:30am-3:30pm
March 24
May 12
June 20
June 21

Participants must be at least 11 years old to register.
The cost of the class is $45. Please call (970) 384-7566 to register.

*** Payment should be made at the time the person registers!

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: :   HeartSaver with First Aid
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