Family Birthplace

We Are Here to Support You.

We strive to make your stay at the Family Birthplace a comfortable, memorable experience.  Our staff is committed to providing you the medical expertise that you need, as well as tending to your personal, human needs.

We encourage you to actively participate in your care by developing a birth plan during your pregnancy.  Please include your provider in a discussion of your birth plans. Your provider will share a copy of your plan with us to allow us to tailor your experience to your unique needs as much as possible.  You may choose to print a birth plan from the link below and begin planning for your labor and delivery.


  • Upon arrival, take advantage of our valet parking services
  • Consider a hot beverage at our Mountain Brew café
  • Present to the Birthplace for the convenience of bedside registration
  • Experienced staff will settle you into a comfortable, spacious labor room
  • Share your birthing plan and any concerns with your primary nurse and care provider
  • Ease into your labor pattern in your private Jacuzzi tub
  • Plush bathrobes and slippers are available should you choose to go for a walk
  • Soft lighting, art, relaxing environment
  • Sleeping accommodations are provided for your primary support person
  • We happily welcome your visitors and ask that they check in at our front desk
  • We support a variety of relaxation techniques to enhance your comfort during labor including
    • Aromatherapy
    • Massage therapy
    • Hypno-Birthing
    • Bradley and Lamaze friendly
    • Medical and anesthesia options readily available including epidural anesthesia
    • We accommodate Doula labor support
  • Comprehensive labor and delivery guidance and monitoring as needed
  • Skin to skin contact between mother and baby encouraged. We delay administration of routine newborn procedures until after a first breastfeeding and quiet time for your new family.  
  • Internationally certified Lactation Consultants are on staff and will assist you in getting off to a great start with breastfeeding. We actively support exclusive breastfeeding.
  • Escorted to a private post-partum room after a recovery period
  • Choose your own meal ordering from our extensive menu
  • Enjoy fresh, warm cookies, courtesy of our onsite, volunteer bakers
  • A special celebration dinner for the new parents is served in the family dining room
  • Email your family and friends utilizing our  high speed internet access available in every room
  • Relax and spend some quiet time on our nature deck
  • Large families may choose to gather in our comfortable family lounge or share a meal together in our family dining room
  • We respect the special relationship between families and their babies and encourage rooming in.
  • Early follow-up and ongoing support from your chosen care provider is essential. We will make a first appointment with your baby’s provider before you leave the hospital.

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Thank you for your interest in our Family Birthplace.
Our dedicated team is available to answer any
questions you may have regarding your birthing experience at Valley View Hospital.
(970) 384-7200  

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