Cardio Research

We ask you to join us as Valley View
embarks upon a new endeavor:

to bring life-saving innovation to cardiac patients through the Cardiovascular Research Program. You have the ability to transform the delivery of cardiac care for your loved ones and friends through your gift to the I ♥ Heart campaign.  

Why is Valley View excited to launch a cardiac research program?
Quite simply, being at the forefront of cardiac innovation means expanded care options and a better quality of life for anyone facing heart disease in our Valley. From the comfort of our own community, Valley View patients will have access to clinical trials to receive promising new medicines and treatments in the fight against heart disease. The addition of a cardiovascular research program allows Valley View patients access to groundbreaking technology and treatment options usually reserved for urban academic hospitals.

Take, for example, robotic-assisted interventions, considered the biggest advancement in interventional cardiac care in the past 25 years. Cardiac patients at Valley View will be the first in the Rocky Mountain region to benefit from the increased precision and shortened procedure time provided by robotic-assisted cardiac interventions. When every minute counts, innovation transforms the delivery of cardiac care.

Robotics and clinical trials are just a few examples of how innovation can raise the caliber of care for our loved ones, neighbors, and friends. We invite you to make an investment in the future of cardiac care in our community through your support of the I ♥ Heart campaign.


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