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Integrated Therapies

Holistic Harmony

Hospitalization often provokes fear and anxiety. The presence of music promotes a comforting and healing environment. It enhances the atmosphere for the hospital by providing inspiration to the mind, language for the emotion and balm for the soul.

As a Planetree hospital, we recognize the importance of meeting not only the physical needs of patients, but also their emotional, mental, spiritual and aesthetic needs.

The Holistic Harmony music program at Valley View Hospital, which began in June of 2003, meets these needs through weekly visits from musicians who perform for patients and staff. Musicians perform in the atrium, cafeteria and healing garden, but also play privately from patient room to patient room.

The program is abundant in the variety of music, (ie., Folk, Country, Celtic, Jazz, Blues and Classical). An array of instruments include violin, cello, guitar, harp, piano, flute and more. Music is offered in the evening and daytime hours. Flyers are posted for the monthly lineup.

The music program is run on a volunteer basis. It is truly the help of these volunteers that keep this program running with their gifts of time, kindness and generosity. The Holistic Harmony music committee is responsible for obtaining musicians to address the diverse population of patients and staff.

Besides live performers, there is also the Holistic Harmony music cart which is taken room to room to patients by Valley View Hospital volunteers. This cart has on it an array of CDs and players, books, and hand held games.

The program is funded by fundraisers and financial resources provided by individual gifts and private donations.

If you would like more information or if you are interested in volunteering your musical talent for patients & families call: Lesa Russo at 970-309-1701, Valley View Hospital Holistic Harmony Program.

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