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Integrated Therapies

Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAM) / Massage

With Valley View Hospital joining the Planetree organization in 2000 and blending its focus on placing the patient more clearly at the center of care, dedicated personnel began a program to provide care outside the traditional hospital experience.

Massage was introduced as a first step and so well received that the program has evolved to include Therapeutic Touch/Healing Touch, Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery, Relaxation, and Stress Management.

Our program was developed out of research showing that positive emotions and expectations can help the body heal more quickly. Many studies have been completed that demonstrate the effectiveness of the varied techniques of massage and caring touch to aid in decreasing levels of pain, requiring less medications and reduced days in the hospital. Our services help individuals better cope with emotions and discomfort, such as anxiety, insomnia, nausea, various aches, pain and headache.

All our services for Inpatient, Day Surgery, Youth Recovery and Oncology care are subsidized by the hospital at no additional cost to recipients. Patients, family members and caregivers regularly express appreciation for being taken care of in ways that reach beyond the norm.

We realize that a new diagnosis, state of the unknown or anticipation of a procedure or surgery can cause worry that drains a person’s energy and adversely affect peace of mind and mood. A patient may experience fear, anxiety, loss of control over their condition, a decline in quality of life, decreased ability to do daily activities, and increased reliance on others for daily care.

Every patient has the opportunity to receive a complimentary massage or one of our other services (sessions usually last between 10 and 30 minutes). Requests for care can be made by the patient, caregiver, nurse or physician. 

For massage, the nurse or physician will assess if the modality is appropriate in light of the condition that is being treated. When approved, an entry will be made on the patient’s orders and according to availability, an
Integrated Therapies therapist will come to the patient’s room to provide care.

Services are provided by trained, certified
and quality therapists.

You may leave a message at (970) 384-6954, or contact us through email here.

integrated therapies

Integrated Therapies
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  • Massage
  • Therapeutic Touch/Healing Touch
  • Aromatherapy
  • Guided Imagery & Relaxation
  • Consultation
  • Stress Management
  • Pre-surgical Care
  • Post-Surgical Care
  • Therapies for Children
  • Self Care
  • Yoga for Health & Healing


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