Inpatient Services


Nutrition and Meals

The hospital cafeteria is open to the public.

Trays are served to patients at 8 a.m.,12:00 noon and 5:30 p.m. every day. You may request to have a guest tray delivered with your child's tray when you will be present at meal times (if your child is under six years of age).

A few bites of healthy food can go a long way toward your child's recovery. Your child may be more willing to eat when you can eat with him/her.

The Food Service Department will make every effort to obtain foods and snacks with which your child is familiar. Foods such as infant formula in bottles, baby food in stages and cereal are also available between meals and during the night by request. We need to know everything your child drinks and eats, as these indicate how your child is progressing.

These policies are designed to provide a healing and relaxed environment in which your child can recover. Our goal is to decrease the level of stress your child experiences from illness or injury. Communication between parents, child and nursing staff benefits your child's care.

Please assist us in the flow of information by asking questions and by sharing your observations about your child's condition.

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