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When you are talking to your child about being in the hospital, we recommend that you be clear, brief and truthful. Your child needs to know that you understand his/her anxiety about being in the hospital.

Immediately upon arrival, we set to work on the procedures that can most benefit your child. Examples include starting an intravenous drip or oral medication. Some of our procedures may be unpleasant. We realize that it will be difficult for the child and for you, but they are necessary to treat your child and to help him/her improve.

We measure each child's urine and stool, as they are important indicators of how your child is progressing. If the child wears diapers, we place a cotton ball in the diaper to absorb urine for a simple test and the diapers are weighed.

It is important that your child feels free to ask questions and to tell you how he/she feels about being ill and being in the hospital. We encourage you to reinforce any teaching we do and to help us carry through in giving medications and treatments.

Working together on these procedures helps us reach the goal of returning your child to health.

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Eagle Valley Medical Center provides an excellent resource for patients. The Medical Library contains a significant number of medical issue related books. Also, it provides access to medical information on the internet via a desktop computer. Computer information is also accessible in Spanish in addition to English. Our library provides a quiet space for researching and learning about your medical conditions, medical interventions and preventive measures that can help assist you in managing your health and healthcare.
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