Valley View Awarded Planetree Designation

PlanetreeValley View Hospital has been formally designated by Planetree, Inc. as a “Planetree Designated Patient-Centered Hospital” for the second time in three years.  This designation recognizes Valley View Hospital’s achievement and innovation in fostering a hospital culture in which professional caregivers partner with patients and families, and where patient comfort, dignity, empowerment and well-being are prioritized with providing top-quality clinical care.

Guided by these core components of a patient-centered culture, over the past ten years, Valley View Hospital has implemented a substantial number of initiatives and practices designed to enhance both the patient and staff experience. 

“Planetree is very pleased to award Valley View this designation,” said Susan Frampton, Ph.D., Planetree’s President.  “This recognition differentiates Valley View as a hospital firmly committed to ensuring that its patients, staff and visitors feel cared for, supported, listened to, and empowered as partners in the healthcare experience. This designation is a real testament to the staff, physicians, board members and volunteers at Valley View Hospital, all of whom have played an important part in integrating Planetree’s philosophy of patient-centered care into their day to day work.  They are not only making a difference for individual patients and family members, they are effectively transforming the culture of their organization, and fundamentally altering what their community expects when they come to the hospital.”


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Creating a caring environment
Valley View Hospital is a member of Planetree, a community of hospitals dedicated to providing nurturing, compassionate, and personalized care to patients and families. Our staff is encouraged to examine the hospital experience from the patient's perspective, and create healing partnerships between patients, family members, and caregivers - making patients active participants in their health care.
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