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Patient Satisfaction

We are committed to providing quality care for you and your family. We want to deliver that care with respect to you as an individual at the high level of personal attention you deserve.   That is why we use an independent company, Press Ganey Associates, to send you satisfaction surveys. We want to hear your genuine opinions and comments related to your experience with us.

The results from our patient satisfaction surveys help us focus on areas where we have the opportunity to improve your experience. Departments take actions for the specific areas surveyed which include admission, room, meals, nurses, physicians, tests and treatments, visitors and family, discharge and personal issues. We use the information as part of our overall Performance Improvement Program to help us improve your care, safety, and satisfaction.

The scores below reflect our patients' assessments of the overall quality of care they received during their visits. These scores are updated every six months. Current numbers are for the last 12 month period (April, 2009 through March 2010). Scores are based on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the top score

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Our Patients Tell Us:

"Superior experience; well done! I traveled three hours to VVH and would do it again if necessary."

“All of my family has had to have surgery there, and we have always felt truly cared for including my elderly dad who can be a grumpy patient.!”

"It was the best hospital experience I have ever had and I wanted to thank everyone for the excellent care they gave me."

"I usually have comments, however in this case, I cannot think of one detail that could have been better. Fantastic experience!"

"Other than a reason (my med. condition) for the visit, I can only say it was a very good experience, it is great to know, that there are such caring, polite and such helpful people out there. I thank them all!"

"I have never had a negative experience @ Valley View! I have had to send relatives to the ER when they are here on vacation & they are always well taken care of. You are a wonderful asset to our community. Thanks for the continued hard work."

"Although only a visitor, and not a resident of Colorado, I was treated with respect, kindness, and excellent care at your beautiful facility."

"Can't say enough (all positive) about staff and their ability to make the apprehension of surgery for a child a non issue for mom and patient!"

"We are very fortunate to have a hospital and staff of this caliber in our community."

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