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Employee Safety

Providing a safe workplace is a priority for Valley View Hospital. All employees receive safety training and education during the new-hire orientation process. This training is reinforced on a continual basis with both general and job-specific education and by education, required annually.  The goal is that all employees have education and training in all aspects of their jobs, and have a thorough understanding of how to maintain and promote a safe work environment.

The hospital supports employee safety though specific committees and through Employee Health. These groups provide a collaborative process for employees and management to maintain a safe work environment. Representatives from all areas are given the opportunity to serve on these committees. The employee health nurse reviews, analyzes and investigates employee accident reports, identifies the root causes of accidents, and makes recommendations for safety improvements.

Employees and management also participate in specific safety task forces to develop programs, policies and procedures. Some of these task forces include: the Needle Stick Prevention Task Force, Medication Safety, Latex Allergy, Respiratory Protection, Emergency Management and Safe Patient Handling programs. Hazard surveillance and environmental rounds are done on a regular basis. This activity provides inspection and review of all work areas. Recommendations for improvements are reviewed by the Environment of Care Committee and evaluated and implemented by management.

Health care workers are at high risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders due to the work activities they perform. To prevent these disorders and to ensure patient safety, VVH provides mechanical lifting devices to assist in transferring and moving patients. VVH also invests in ergonomic workstations and adjustable office chairs to prevent cumulative trauma disorders in our clerical and office staff.

VVH works collaboratively with OSHA, DEQ, The Joint Commission and other regulatory organizations to provide a high level of employee safety. To further foster a safe and healthy work environment, VVH is committed to helping employees achieve their own optimal state of health.

Employees of VVH are eligible to participate in the Employee Wellness Program. The goal of the wellness program is to provide high quality education and support programs that empower employees to develop and maintain healthy life habits and practices. Employees can participate in health risk appraisals, weight reduction classes, exercise and yoga classes, a pedometer walking program and many other health-related classes found within local communities.

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