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Patient Safety

Research has shown that human beings—in all lines of work—make errors. Designing systems that make it easier for people to do the right thing can prevent those errors. At Valley View, we make concerted efforts to ensure the safety of the patients who come to us for their health care.

Measurement tools that we use when we look at patient safety are the National Patient Safety Goals, a Safety Culture Score and compliance with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement safety guidelines for patient care.

In 2002, The Joint Commission announced the first National Patient Safety Goals. These goals are revised annually and focus on practices that help to ensure quality safe care for our patients. Each goal specifies one or more specific evidence-based practices that have been shown to decrease errors and to create a safer environment for our patients. Click here to see the National Patient Safety Goals.

Valley View Hospital is part of the Colorado Hospital Association and actively participates with their confidential reporting program for serious adverse events. The Colorado Hospital Association “Report Card" web site  was created to reduce the risk of serious adverse medical events in Colorado and to ensure that statewide hospital data and clinical outcomes are available to the public in a clear and usable manner.  The Colorado Report Card uses standardized quality data and outcome measures that are endorsed by national organizations. For more information, visit their website at http://www.cohospitalquality.org/index.php

VVH also follows suggestions and guidelines for protecting patient safety from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  Leadership involvement with patient safety is very important to VVH and is demonstrated by the commitment of our governing board and organizational leaders to promote safety at all levels within the organization. Leaders maintain contact with staff and promote continuous communications about safety improvements within the organization.

Employee participation
Employees’ opinions and knowledge about safety determine actions, and those actions are what determine safety in our health care organizations.  We are committed to continually educating all of the employees and working in collaboration with them to ensure a culture that supports patient safety. 

Why it's important
VVH leaders, physicians, and staff want our patients and our employees to have a safe environment. We continually monitor our compliance with safety measures and work to improve systems and processes to improve the safety and comply with standards. 

Speak up!
Your participation in safety can make a difference. Read more about the 'Speak Up' initiative at Valley View Hospital. 
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