Spirit of Caring

2007 Physician Champion Spirit of Caring Award Winner:

Robert S. Derkash, M.D.

“Dr. Derkash takes a personal interest in each and every patient, family member, and staff person he comes in contact with….He represents the epitome of humane health care because his love for his fellow man is evident in every interaction. On every level, I believe Dr. Derkash exemplifies what Planetree is all about.”

Dr. Robert Derkash is a physician who makes youngsters want to grow up to be a doctor.

An incredibly skilled orthopaedic surgeon, he has been a member of the Valley View Hospital medical staff for 26 years. His patients find him, kind, warm and genuinely interested in their lives; his fellow doctors look to him as an example, a mentor and a friend.

Not only does Dr. Derkash maintain a full office and surgical schedule, he is the medical director of the Acute Rehabilitation Unit at Valley View.

He has also donated months of his life and his professional skills to performing free surgeries in Third World countries.

In all capacities, he brings a depth of understanding, respect for others, abundant good humor and a talent for treating every patient, staff member and colleague with palpable respect and caring.

The mention of his name always elicits a smile and an anecdote illustrating his far-reaching effect on the hospital and the community.


2007 Spirit of Caring Awards:

: :   Individual Award
: :   Physician Award
: :   Team Award


Dr Derkash

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