Spirit of Caring

2007 Individual Spirit of Caring Award Winner:

Jane Broderick, R.N.

“Watching Janey perform even the most routine of nursing tasks with a client is to watch the giving of love, caring and compassion from one soul to another…She has the biggest heart and is always willing to share it with every patient she comes in contact with. Janey has also been an awesome mentor…. Janey believes information is power and by empowering patients, they engage in their own health.”

Love led Janey Broderick to nursing.

A born nurturer, her occupations included landscaping and caring for the disabled and elderly. Educated in the natural sciences, she arrived at a fork in the road, choosing between a trip to Africa for a botanical project and the man who would become her husband.

Choosing love meant rethinking her career and so nursing gained Janey’s radiance.

Only two years at Valley View Hospital have revealed her innate ability to connect, soothe, encourage and nurture. Her own power to remain centered and calm is transmitted to everyone she touches.

Both coworkers and patients write to us of the change in mood and atmosphere when she enters a room. Her presence lifts spirits and infuses people with hope and confidence.

Veteran nurses are in wonder at the depth of her intuition.

Love brought Janey Broderick to nursing and love is, in turn what she brings to the profession.


2007 Spirit of Caring Awards:

: :   Individual Award
: :   Physician Award
: :   Team Award




Jane Broderick

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