Spirit of Caring

2007 Best Practice Team Award Winner:

Food & Nutritional Services Department

“The food services team operates like a well-oiled machine with a flair for creativity and variety and extreme attention to quality while catering to the vast quantity of requests they receive from patients and staff. We have the utmost respect for this team and what they do every day for the entire hospital and community.”

“Our food should be our medicine.” – Hippocrates

Providing beautiful, nourishing and comforting food is both a science and an art that has reached its zenith with the Valley View Hospital Food Services Department.

A director from a country club background, Marc Lillis, professional chef Nick Stillahn and registered dietician Lynn Mulvihill lead a team of 22.

The department has implemented room service dining, on-demand serving times and raised the quality of food to the level of outstanding.

Presentations are elegant, food is fresh and varied and the staff is warm and hospitable. New mothers and their spouses are served an elegant dinner in the a private dining room to celebrate their babies’ arrivals.

The result: Valley View’s Press Ganey satisfaction scores for food indicate that 94% find the food good, very good or excellent.

Hospital employees, patients and visitors have very happy tummies.

“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” – Sheila Graham


2007 Spirit of Caring Awards:

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: :   Physician Award
: :   Team Award


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