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Kids should be properly protected in moving vehicles and the state of Colorado has created guidelines for parents and caretakers to follow. For more information about keeping your children safe (and obeying the law), please read the information below and visit the links to the right.

How do I keep my infant Safe?

The law requires infants to ride in a rear-facing child safety seat until they are at least one year old and weigh at least 20 lbs.

Safety Advocates recommend that infants continue riding in a rear-facing position as long as possible for the best protection in a crash. Many larger convertible type child safety seats will allow children to ride rear-facing up to 30 or 35 lbs.

How do I protect my one to four-year old child?

The law requires that children ages one to four-years, who weigh 20 lbs up to 40 lbs should be restrained in a forward-facing child safety seat.

Safety Advocates recommend restraining your child in a harness restraint that meets all of your child's needs until they are at least 40 lbs.. The use of top tether straps is strongly recommended, (refer to your child safety seat and vehicle owner's manual for more information).

My child is over four, but less than six years old....what seat is best?

The law requires that children who weigh over 40 lbs or who are at least four years old but less than six years old be properly restrained in a child booster seat or with a child safety belt-positioning device, unless they are 55" tall.

While Colorado law requires older children to be restrained in booster seats until they are six years old or 55" tall, Safety Advocates recommend keeping children in booster seats until they are about 57" tall. 

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