Patient safety is the foundation of all our efforts at Valley View. We aim to ensure the safety of each of our patients by eliminating avoidable harm, injury, and death. Our commitment to your safety is deep, consistent, and ongoing.

 What we do to keep you safe

Valley View is committed to fostering a culture of safety — for patients, employees and visitors. We work in a variety of ways to improve safety for patients in all our facilities, so we can deliver safe, high-quality patient care, and retain our excellent staff.

Research has shown that human beings—in all lines of work—make errors. Designing systems that make it easier for people to do the correct thing can prevent those errors. At Valley View, we continually monitor our compliance with safety measures, working to improve the systems and processes that help us keep you safe. We follow National Patient Safety Goals from The Joint Commission, each of which specifies practices that have been shown to decrease errors and create a safer environment for our patients.