What is Quality?
Lots of hospitals talk about their “Quality of Care,” but that can mean different things to different people. To some, it’s as simple as getting a good outcome for a procedure. For others, it is satisfaction with the full healthcare experience. At Valley View, we like the definition used by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ): “Doing the right thing for the right patient, at the right time, in the right way to achieve the best possible results.”

At Valley View, we strive to exceed your expectations every single time we interact with you, from a simple phone call to major medical treatments. We work hard to create a personalized experience that will help you meet your health related goals and outcomes.

How do we Measure Quality?
The baseline measurement of quality is for accreditation; to participate in Medicare, hospitals must comply with Medicare health and safety regulations. We are inspected regularly and evaluated for our compliance with these standards. But quality is so much more than passing tests; it’s about creating an environment for constant improvement.

At Valley View we are proud of our collaborative environment, one which enables hospitals, clinics, and physicians to share best practices for improving our quality measures. Valley View uses Planetree’s patient-centered philosophy to support continuous improvement in systems and practices, and every aspect of our process is continually reviewed and improved.

To drive our quest for improved quality, we use clinical information and outcome data as used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) and other agencies. Different agencies and groups have different ways of reporting clinical outcomes that can affect the way a hospital is rated, and Valley View uses evidence-based standards — analyzing data to compare our quality of care with national benchmarks.

CMS developed their Core Measures based on analysis conditions that contribute to morbidity and mortality, conditions that represent national public health priorities, and conditions that disproportionately drive healthcare costs. The intent is to help improve hospitals’ quality of care by distributing objective, easy-to-understand data on hospital performance, as well as quality information from consumer perspectives. Valley View monitors care with many of these core measures, including Heart Attack Care, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, Surgical Care Improvement Project, and Perinatal Care. This publicly reportable data is available on the government’s Hospital Compare website.

We encourage our patients to be knowledgeable and informed about patient care. Quality data is currently publicly available for core measures and patient satisfaction at the following sites:
Hospital Compare
Joint Commission Quality Check 
Colorado Hospital Association Report Card