What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins develop through a combination of weakened vein walls and faulty valves. Under a variety of circumstances, normally toned, elastic vein walls can become weak, allowing blood that should be moving toward your heart, to flow backward. One-way valves in these veins can also malfunction. This allows blood to pool and pressure to build up, which further weakens and subsequently damages the veins, causing them to become twisted, enlarged and painful.

What are the symptoms?

  • Swelling of the legs or ankles
  • Sensations of heaviness or pain
  • Visibly enlarged, ropey veins or smaller spider veins
  • Fatigue and lethargy

How are varicose veins treated?

Valley View Heart & Vascular offers both minimally invasive sclerotherapy and VenaCure ELVTTM (endovenous laser treatment) to eliminate varicose veins without a hospital stay. The veins that are closed off are superficial and handle less than 5% of blood flow, which is automatically routed to other veins.


Two options offer superior results.

Our sclerotherapy procedure is no more invasive than an IV.

In sclerotherapy, an injection initiates a chain reaction to seal defective veins. Because the treatment leaves no open wound, pain is minimal and healing quick.

VenaCure EVLTTM uses lasers to eliminate varicose veins where they start.

During treatment a thin fiber is inserted into the damaged veins. Through it, a laser emits just the right amount of energy to seal impaired areas. Most patients can return to normal activities the next day.

How do lasers work to treat varicose veins?

Simply put, a laser is a highly concentrated beam of light. Medical lasers work by delivering this light energy to the targeted tissue with extreme precision, so the surrounding healthy
tissue remains unaffected. Lasers have proven to be safe and effective in a variety of medical procedures, from eye surgery to dermatology. In the hands of a skilled physician, lasers offer far fewer risks for complications than conventional surgery.

What are the benefits of VenaCure EVLT™ treatment?

  • No hospital stay
  • Minimal-to-no scarring
  • No lengthy recovery
  • Minimal-to-no side effects
  • Treatment in less than an hour
  • 98% success rate
  • Immediate symptom relief
  • Insurance coverage typically provided

Why choose Valley View for varicose vein treatment?

Our team of heart and vascular specialists don’t just look at your veins.

They consider the big picture of each patient’s heart health to help get to the source of venous problems. Varicose veins are often a precursor or indicator of heart disease or arterial blockage. At Valley View, underlying problems can be quickly referred to our world-class team of heart and vascular specialists.

Our highly advanced ultrasound diagnostics help physicians pinpoint the exact location of damaged areas without the risks of ionizing radiation exposure. And because Valley View offers coordinated care, patients can receive ultrasound scans right in our clinic without having to make a trip to radiology first.

Whatever your zip code, we’re close by to deliver state-of-the-art varicose vein treatments in a location that’s convenient for you.

Dr. Narrod

James Narrod, MD

Specializing in cardiovascular disease and thoracic surgery, I spent a decade as chief of surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction before coming to Valley View. I have been treating varicose veins, and their underlying causes, for thirty years. I perform both non-surgical endovenous laser treatments and minimally invasive sclerotherapy, sometimes combining the two procedures for optimal results. The Heart & Vascular Center at Valley View employs state of the art equipment to provide a hybrid approach to heart and venous care in the valley, which is very exciting. Patients no longer have to travel to the Front Range to receive a variety of diagnostic and treatment procedures.

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