How surgical robotic guidance works

The cutting-edge Mazor X Stealth Spine Robot at Valley View enables providers to create an individualized 3D surgical plan for patients before stepping into the operating room. During the procedure, the Mazor X automated robotic arm holds key surgical instrumentation in place. Robotic guidance then helps providers execute the custom surgical plan with exceptional precision through micro incisions.

Like other robotic-assisted technologies, Mazor X™ enhances the surgeon’s human skills to deliver superior precision – all while the surgeon retains full control of the procedure.

Benefits of Mazor X Stealth™ robot-guided system:

Surgery with Mazor X™ robotics technology has many advantages that lead to faster recovery time compared to traditional surgery. This includes:

• Improved surgical accuracy
• Smaller incisions
• Less risk for surgical complications
• Less pain after surgery
• Decreased risk of infection
• Little or no need for narcotic pain medicine
• Shorter hospital stays

Conditions that benefit from Mazor X™ robot-guided spinal surgery

• Lumbar fusions
• Complex scoliosis and kyphosis
• Degenerative disc disease
• Herniated discs

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