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    We’re proud to introduce our two new hybrid cardiac catheterization rooms that feature brilliant imaging with reduced radiation exposure with Siemen’s Luminos dRF. During procedures this allows the physicians to limit your radiation exposure without compromising the image quality.

    Siemens© Bi-plane Hybrid Electrophysiology Lab

    The Siemens bi-plane hybrid lab is the second demonstration lab of its kind in the United States. This gives patients on Colorado’s Western Slope a cardiac program on the leading edge of research and innovation. This high-tech and patient-centric program provides physicians with superior quality imaging while minimizing radiation exposure. Our advanced technology coupled with the expertise of Dr. Frank Laws and his cardiac team provides a level of care traditionally found only at major university hospital settings. With the addition of the hybrid EP lab, Valley View is now the destination for comprehensive heart care.

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    Robotic Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)

    Corindus Vascular Robotics, Inc., is a global techhnology leader in robotic-assisted vascular interventions. The company’s CorPath® System is the first FDA-cleared medical device bringing robotic-assisted precision to radial, coronary and peripheral procedures. Valley View Hospital was the eighth hospital in the nation to use Corindus® technology, and remains one of only fourteen nationwide. Valley View is the only place on Colorado’s Western Slope where patients and doctors can reap the benefits of robotic angioplasty.

    During the procedure, the interventional cardiologist sits at a radiation workstation to advance stents and guidewires with millimeter-to-millimeter precision. The robot adds a level of exactitude that makes it the new standard of care for vascular interventions. Dr. Frank Laws, explains that using the Corindus® PCI robot results in less radiation exposure to patient and physician, with less risk for complications.

    Cryoablation for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

    Cryoablation is a specific electrophysiology treatment used for patients who have a type of heart arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation. This minimally invasive procedure has the potential to reduce risk and minimize patient discomfort.

    Recent studies found cryoablation to be significantly more effective in treating atrial fibrillation than treatment with medication. Patients treated with cryoablation also had fewer repeat ablations, cardioversions, or re-hospitalizations.

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