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Dr Pamela McGrogan

Pamela McGrogan, MD

This Canadian-born healer completed medical school south of the equator at St. George’s University in the West Indies, where she graduated magna cum laude. Prior to medical school, she earned her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, again graduating with honors, from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She places an emphasis on lifestyle medicine, a specialty in which she counsels and treats patients for disease reversal and prevention.

She’s a commercial pilot and a senior aviation medical examiner. Her impetus for flying came from her dad, who had always wanted to be a pilot, and was reinforced by her dream to join the Air Force when she was a youth. Although Dr. McGrogan still loves to travel the world, for now she is firmly rooted in western Colorado. She and her husband and two young children love to ski, camp and recreate outdoors. They regularly visit the national parks between Colorado and Canada.

Jessica McDonnell, NP

Jessica McDonnell is the newest Family Nurse Practitioner at Silt Family Practice at Valley View, and an experienced professional who has been working in Western Colorado since 2016.

Jessica attained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Boston’s Northeastern University in 2015, and joined the VVH family soon after as a Family Birthplace Registered Nurse. “Boston was great, but the first year there we got 15 feet of snow,” she says. “Panic and pandemonium! It was nice to get into the mountains, where we’re a little more used to that kind of thing.”

Before embarking on her nursing career, Jessica played on a very different field: she attended the University of Hawaii where she played Division I soccer as a starter for four years, assuming the captain’s role during the 2004 season. “After playing soccer throughout college, I was a professional in Germany for a year,” she says. “I didn’t quite make the national team unfortunately, but I played with and against all the people that did!”

A knee injury did cut her career short, but it also gave her some valuable insights into patient health. “I understand how important personal connection is during patient recovery, and how important individual wellness is during that process,” she says. “Helping patients understand their overall health and how they can improve it, that’s the best part of my job.”

Jessica has lived in New Castle with her husband and two Alaskan malamutes for the last five years. They enjoy hiking and biking, as well as snowboarding—“really, anything that keeps us outside and moving!” She is also looking forward to coaching youth soccer again, since finishing her Master of Science in Nursing through George Washington University in 2020.

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