Our Providers

Anthony Carcella, PA-C

Anthony Carcella is a Certified Physician’s Assistant at Valley View’s new After Hours Urgent Care clinic. He brings nearly fifteen years of emergency care experience to the facility, and specializes in managing patient anxiety during care. “Watching patient stress dissipate as you walk them through their condition—that’s a huge reward in doing what I do,” he says.

Anthony spent most of his career working as an emergency department PA in Aurora, dealing with large numbers of patients every day. “Good medical training relies on seeing a lot of different situations and having the experience to deal with them,” he says. “Working in places like Aurora or Denver is like drinking from the fire hose—you’re part of a big machine, which is really good for seeing a lot of different patients and conditions.”

Anthony Carcella

Andrew Chapman, PA-C

Andrew Chapman is a physician’s assistant at Valley View’s new After Hours Urgent Care unit. His background is a fascinating blend of experiences, with a foundation in outdoor and wilderness medicine, as well as an evolution from participating in extreme adventures, to caring for others who do.

After working as a photographer and filmmaker throughout much of his 30’s, Andrew went back to school at the University of Wisconsin to attain his Master’s degree as a physician’s assistant in 2015. He then worked across the Rocky Mountain region in wilderness-adjacent locations, including Boulder, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone National Park, and CU Denver’s Anschutz Medical Campus. “I love to connect with patients who share similar interests,” he says, “It makes for a very close relationship with them when we have so much in common.”

Lew Perna, APRN, FNP

Lew Perna is a board-certified family nurse practitioner at Valley View’s new After Hours Urgent Care. After many years working in the cardiovascular field, he has comfortably settled into this more generalized set of duties, making him a perfect fit for the urgent care division as it moves forward.

Lew received most of his experience in cardiovascular surgery at the fabled Mayo Clinic, where he helped provide 24/7 care in their Department of Cardiovascular Surgery from 2012 through 2015. “My experience with complex heart procedures and medications often helps me understand why patients may present with particular concerns,” he says. “Even though one is an inpatient environment and the other is outpatient, the one constant is the patients themselves. In both cases, we must remain committed to patient-centered care.”

Lewis Perna