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What is Health4Life?

Health4Life at Valley View (within the cardiopulmonary rehab department) provides personalized strategies to regain, maintain or improve your quality of life.

Our clinically-supervised programs help patients turn new, healthy behaviors into lifelong habits.

Health4Life incorporates four proven strategies:


Education focuses on topics related to unique health needs and concerns.


Exercise education and monitored routines target specific health goals.


Both one-on-one and group nutritional coaching help you implement and adhere to healthy eating habits.


Join a group of participants for camaraderie, alongside the medical support of highly trained staff, to encourage and support you.

Health4Life at Valley View includes:

Cardiac rehabilitation
Monitored exercise classes for the management of heart conditions (see cardiac rehab description under the Heart Care services for a detailed description)

Pulmonary rehabilitation
Monitored exercise classes for the management of lung conditions

Diabetes prevention
A year-long, class-room style coaching program designed by the CDC to prevent or delay diabetes

Risk factor modification
A 3-month, exercise-based program for healthy lifestyle changes. Individual appointments with a dietitian are also offered.

  • Diabetes self-management education/support

Group and individual education sessions to help you control your diabetes, including topics on nutrition, medications and exercise

  • Exercise and/or dietary consultations

Evaluation and planning specific to a modifiable condition such as high blood pressure or lack of exercise

Who is eligible for Health4Life programs?

Patients come to us via physician or health provider referrals. Whether recovering from a heart attack, living with chronic lung
disease, or working to prevent the onset of diabetes, we can help patients take more control over their health so they can get more
out of life.

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