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The Need

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. More than 2,900 adults have been diagnosed with heart disease in Garfield County alone, and 100 die each year from heart attack and strokes.

The Plan

Health4Life at Valley View enrolls at-risk adults in a 12-week program of exercise and education with dietitians and clinical exercise specialists. Participants learn how to eat better, exercise more, stop smoking and change their lives.

The Result

Participants in the 2017 pilot program reported on average: a decrease in blood pressure by 10%, a decrease in diabetic blood glucose by 30%, a decrease in body weight by 3.8% and an increase in quality of life by 30%.

Valley View is one of the few hospitals in the country that has a program dedicated to cardiovascular disease prevention. Health4Life’s Risk Factor Modification Program is offered to individuals referred by their primary care doctor who exhibit indicators that they are at risk for a heart attack or stroke. The 12-week program consists of sessions with exercise physiologists and dieticians to help adults make important lifestyle changes.

Health4Life is the only program of its kind on the western slope. This type of forward thinking and desire to support the needs of the community is what makes Valley View a leader in preventative care. Continued and increased financial support from the community is needed to allow this program to expand to fulfill the needs in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Help Prevent Heart Disease

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Patient Experience

“It’s been a really positive experience for me to find out that, in my mid-70’s, I can still exercise this hard. I certainly fee a lot healthier than before.”
–Heath4Life participant

We would be honored to partner with you to provide this live-saving program to our community. Please contact Bridgid Dunlap, Annual Gifts Associate within the Valley View Foundation, to learn more.

Bridgid Dunlap, 970.384.6624

For more information or to discuss how you can get involved email:

Valley View Foundation | PO Box 1970 | Glenwood Springs, CO 81602 | 970.384.6620