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Andrew W. Gisleson, DO

Medicine has always been a calling for me and I grew up with a sense of helping others. I was a typical Midwestern kid living in the farming community of Osage, Iowa, where the values of hard work, respect and giving back were instilled at an early age. I received a Bachelor of Arts from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and my medical degree from Des Moines University, where I chose my emphasis in primary care. As a family medicine physician my broad training allows me to care for newborns to older adults and everyone in between, and I enjoy using this broad knowledge base to solve daily puzzles and adapt to an ever-changing pace. As a physician in the community I have the opportunity to be a leader in the town I serve, just as my own mentors were in my life. My wife and I have two daughters and are excited to raise them in the valley.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care


Haley Hoffman, DO

Haley Hoffman, DO is a family medicine physician at Roaring Fork Family Practice. She attained her medical degree from Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in 2018. She completed her residency at St. Joseph Family Medicine in Denver, where she served as chief resident, then took a position at Aspen Medical Care before joining the Valley View family.

Working in the Roaring Fork Valley represents a homecoming for Dr. Hoffman—she was born and raised in Aspen, and much of her family still lives there. “It’s wonderful to be back in the Valley again, to experience that sense of community. I missed it,” she says. “I get to treat entire families, share in their ups and downs, and see the results of our work over time. You only get to do all that in a tight-knit community like ours.”

In her practice, Dr. Hoffman focuses on patient wellness and its effect on recovery and the progress of chronic disease. Dr. Hoffman also counts women’s health as an area of intense interest for her. She believes that making connections with patients and getting to know them and their specific circumstance is vital. “Family practice is unique in that you see patients at every stage of their health. You take care of people when they are acutely ill, and when they’re well, so you’re with them on their entire wellness journey,” she says.

Outside of work, Dr. Hoffman enjoys skiing, cycling, spending time with her family, and learning about the natural world.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care


Karen Locke, MD

Karen Locke, MD is a board-certified family medicine physician at Roaring Family Practice. She attended medical school at the University of Kansas and completed her residency at the University of Wisconsin. She has been practicing family medicine in the Roaring Fork Valley since 1999 and volunteered for the American Red Cross in Germany.

Dr. Locke’s medical interests run a wide gamut—she happens to be certified in Chinese acupuncture, for one thing. Her daughter is from China and her family’s close connection to Chinese culture gave her cause to explore healing techniques from that part of the world.

She also has a deep interest in women’s health and believes in making plans to meet people where they are. “I’m here to help women, and really, all of my patients grow and be the best they can be, both emotionally and physically. In family practice, I even get to address spiritual components of care—I have such close relationships with my patients, it tends to be a natural progression.”

Dr. Locke lives in Basalt and enjoys hiking all over the Roaring Fork Valley, particularly in the wintertime. She has three sons and one daughter, ranging in age from 17 to 26, and has raised them all right here.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care


Caroline Riddle, MD

Caroline Riddle, MD, is a family medicine physician at Roaring Fork Family Practice. She comes to the Roaring Fork Valley from San Francisco, where she worked as a primary care physician at One Medical. She earned her medical doctorate from Albany Medical College in 2018, and completed her family medicine residency at the University of Hawaii in Aiea. While in Hawaii, she also supervised a homeless outreach clinic run by medical students, giving her an additional opportunity to practice the many facets of family medicine.

“I love the variety I see every day at work,” she says. “No two days are alike, and you need so many different skills to treat your patients properly. I also love the trust my patients put in me—we learn about their lives and health together, then make decisions to keep them moving forward. It’s a real cooperative relationship.”

Dr. Riddle’s husband is an orthopedic surgeon, and together they have two sons, ages 3 and four months. They enjoy all the outdoor activities the Roaring Fork Valley is famous for—skiing, skating, snowshoeing and all the rest. Dr. Riddle also enjoys long-distance running, having completed multiple marathons. “To me, the most important part of staying healthy is staying active, and I try to lead by example when I get on that soapbox,” she says. “Find something you like to do, and incorporate it into your life.”

She does have one hobby that takes place indoors, however. “Sourdough breadmaking is something I picked up in San Francisco,” she says. “In fact, I named my starter Doughlores, after Dolores Park, since that’s where I got it.”

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care

Daniel R. Smith, DO

I graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I did my residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver where I met my wife, Diane, who was an ICU nurse there. We spent several years working in Rifle where I worked as a family practitioner and now we live in New Castle with three high-school aged boys. Being a part of the RFFP team allows me to have the time to really listen to my patients. Care needs to be made personal for each individual.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care

Lauren F. Sontag, MD

I grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona where my mom was a nurse for one of the beloved local family doctors. I attended medical school at the Mayo Clinic and did a Masters in Public Health at the University of Minnesota, meeting a Minnesotan ski instructor around that time which brought us to the Western Slope. Prior to joining Roaring Fork Family Practice in 2014, I completed family medicine residency at St. Mary’s in Grand Junction. It is my privilege to work in primary care, developing relationships with patients, participating in happy moments as well as challenging or sad ones, and being the provider whose job it is to care for the whole person. Though we all practice a broad scope of family medicine, I particularly enjoy caring for babies and children, young women, individuals with terminal illnesses and am also trained to manage Suboxone. I’m a big fan of time outdoors, home fermentation projects and being with our kiddos.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care

Dr. Sontag speaks English and Spanish.

Kimball J. Spence, DO

I came to Carbondale in 1992, joining doctors Herrington and Knaus at RFFP. The practice was perfect with obstetrics, pediatrics, and a nice blend of urgent and preventative care. I had just completed my family medicine residency at the University of Nevada, Reno and prior to that, internship at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s hospital in Denver. Before medical school at Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine, I spent six years as a Forester, ski patrolman and paramedic in Flagstaff Arizona. I strive to maintain a personal relationship and health partnership with patients. Finding a balance between listening and advising, touch and technology, and helping people achieve their peak health potential is my continued passion. My family and I have embraced the Roaring Fork Valley, its fine lifestyle and the many wonderful, diverse, and remarkable people living and working here. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this community, and a privilege to provide medical guidance and care to people of all ages.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care

Elizabeth Flood Spidell, DO

I joined Roaring Fork Family Practice in 2010. I grew up in Glenwood Springs and as a young child often found myself at Valley View Hospital; my father was the local pediatrician and I loved tagging along while he saw babies in the nursery. I was drawn to family medicine because of my interest in caring for the whole patient, and often the whole family. I enjoy working with patients of all ages and backgrounds (from infants to the elderly). With each person in my care I take time to listen, and to make a true connection; and then we work together towards health care goals.

I received my training in Family Medicine at St. Joseph Hospital in downtown Denver, and went to medical school in Pomona, California at Western University. Before attending medical school I lived for a year in the Pacific Islands and Nepal teaching English. I also studied Spanish in Guatemala during three separate trips throughout medical school and residency. On my days off you will usually find me spending time with my husband Mark and our two young sons- taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings by skiing, hiking, biking and running (or lately, simply playing in the dirt). It is a privilege to work with such a wonderful team of providers and staff within the amazing community of Carbondale and the Roaring Fork Valley.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care

Dr. Spidell speaks English and Spanish.


Shari Kiehnbaum, PA-C

Shari Kiehnbaum is a physician assistant at Valley View’s Roaring Fork Family Practice. She earned bachelor’s degrees in German and Biology at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota before attaining her MS in Physician Assistant Studies from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Before joining the Valley View family, Shari was a family medicine physician assistant with Aspen Medical Care, where she started in 2010. She has a broad scope of experience including chronic health management, urgent care, sports medicine, women’s health, and infant care.

Shari moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2003, after growing up in Minnesota and vacationing frequently in the Colorado mountains. “I love the active, health-conscious community here,” she says. “After school, I wanted to end up somewhere with the recreational opportunities I grew up loving. Athletics has always been an important part of my life–I love the way I feel when I’m moving and I try to impart that same love to my patients. Moving to Valley View gives me the chance to treat a community, rather than the more transient visitors that I usually worked with in Aspen.”

“I’m a huge believer in lifestyle medicine,” she continues. “Helping patients manage their conditions and meeting them where they are, that’s the most rewarding thing about what I do.” Shari lives her healthy lifestyle mantra, too—she has enjoyed living as a vegan for the last eleven years and was a vegetarian for another nine years before that. In her spare time, Shari enjoys outdoor activities including long-distance backpacking, and she’s taken on significant portions of the Appalachian Trail as well as the Four Loop Pass in Aspen.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care


Caryn Peters, PA-C

Caryn Peters, PA-C is a physician assistant at Roaring Fork Family Practice. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Colorado Denver before attending the University of Utah School of Medicine and attaining her Master of Physician Assistant Studies in 2018. Before joining the Valley View family, she worked as an advanced practice clinician in internal medicine at the University of Utah Hospital.

Caryn became interested in medicine after to a difficult personal experience. “As a young adult, I was hospitalized with a serious illness,” she says. “Not only did my healthcare providers save my life and help me understand my condition, but they ended up inspiring me to do the same for others.”

These formative experiences helped her understand the value of the patient-caregiver relationship. She enjoys building relationships with her patients and getting to know each of them as unique individuals. Caryn is also grateful to work with people of all ages and life stages. “Above all, I appreciate helping my patients to better manage their health conditions so they can focus on enjoying life,” she says.

In her spare time, Caryn and her husband spend their time rock climbing with friends. She also enjoys trail running, discovering great new podcasts and trying out new recipes in her kitchen.

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care


Sarah Suprise, MMS, PA-C

Sarah Suprise, MMS, PA-C is a physician assistant with Valley View’s Roaring Fork Family Practice and After Hours Urgent Care. She earned her master of medical science degree from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in 2020, after attending the University of Michigan for her bachelor’s degree studies. Before joining the Valley View family, she worked at Grand River Health in Rifle from 2021 to 2023.

Sarah and her husband live in Carbondale, where they have a lot of family history—he’s fourth generation in the Roaring Fork Valley, with his family having lived in Carbondale for the last 130 years. They met in Denver and moved back here in 2020 in order to be closer to family. It’s a good thing, too—Sarah and her husband recently became parents themselves, ensuring a fifth generation in Carbondale. “I can’t think of a better place to raise children,” she says. “Living in a small community like this one provides us with a balanced lifestyle that allows us to really get to know our neighbors.”

Sarah’s philosophy of care mirrors her love of our small community. “In a big city, your impact can feel a bit lost,” she says. “In a small community, it’s far easier to feel connected. And though we practice the best in modern medicine, we also rely on lifestyle advice to connect with our patients. For people who live were we do, we can encourage active lifestyles and healthy diets, since we have great access to both excellent food and all kinds of outdoor activities.”

Sarah and her husband love to travel and are bringing that love to bear on another project: they are in the process of opening a restaurant right in the heart of Carbondale. “We’re not limiting ourselves to any one cuisine,” she says. “We’ve been all over, and hope to convey our love of food and adventure to the rest of our community.”

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care

Shana Light, MSN, APN, NP-C

Shana is the newest family nurse practitioner at Valley View’s Roaring Fork Family Practice. She began there in 2011 as a registered nurse, where she utilized a diverse skill set to provide quality coordination of care, chronic disease management, and patient education before moving into her new role. Shana attained her Master of Science in Nursing from Walden University in 2020 in preparation for her new duties at Roaring Fork.

“My work challenges me every day, but it also gives me so many rewards. I like to teach patients how to make small changes that have big impacts on their wellbeing, and how to take control of their chronic diseases so they can get out and live their lives.”

Specialties: pediatric care (newborn and adolescent), adult care and geriatric care

Jennifer Bouchet, LCSW

Jennifer Bouchet, LCSW, is the Behavioral Health Provider at Roaring Fork Family Practice. In this role, she provides counseling and helps individuals and families connect to resources that help support physical and mental health. Jennifer has been with Roaring Fork since May of 2015.

Jennifer received her Master of Social Work from the University of Denver in 1996, though she says that, “raising my three kids has been one of my best educations.” Her work focus has included advocacy, social work support in home health and hospice settings, and private practice counseling before coming to Roaring Fork Family Practice. She has a particular appreciation of working with people through their grief.

Jennifer is a self-professed home-body although she does enjoy the bike path and the ski slopes. She is trying to like snowboarding as she doesn’t know if she’ll have the energy to Telemark ski forever. Jennifer has discovered the love of being read to by audiobooks through the library system, cooking with her husband as a delightful endeavor and her love of strumming on the ukulele while singing along, is a work in progress.

Jacqueline Weast, MSW, LCSW

Jacqueline (Jackie) Weast is a licensed clinical social worker at Roaring Fork Family Practice. She attained her Master of Arts in social work at Colorado State University in 2012 after completing her degree in psychology at the University of Colorado in 2008. Jackie is a true Roaring Fork Valley local, having been born in Aspen and raised in Basalt and Glenwood Springs. After school, she worked in Fort Collins and Denver before returning to her old stomping grounds in 2020.

Jackie’s role as a behavioral health provider is to partner with her patients to support their mental health, physical health and wellbeing goals. “I feel honored to be a part of our patient’s care by offering behavioral health visits where I utilize solution-focused, cognitive behavioral and motivational interviewing techniques. I also teach coping skills to manage stressors and connect patients to community resources for additional support.”

Jackie is happy to be back working in the Valley where she was born. “It’s a true privilege to be living and working in our incredible Valley and community, and to be a part of a wonderful team that values and provides whole-person care,” she says. “Having a safe space to discuss life’s stressors is important, and I am honored to provide this space for our patients.”

In her spare time Jackie enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two-year-old daughter. She finds her happy place doing the activities she grew up with—skiing, biking, hiking and rafting in the valley she loves. In addition, Jackie has a deep passion for travel with Western Europe being a favorite destination.

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