Our Financial Counselors provide advocacy support to patients and families having difficulty paying their medical bills. We will assist you with applying for Federal, state and local benefit programs. Valley View’s Customer Service staff is here to help you understand your options and the advantages of the programs available to you.

Financial Assistance Policy Summary

You and your family may qualify for discounted medical services by applying through Valley View’s Financial Assistance Program (FAP). FAP is not health insurance, and discounts only apply to the balance you may owe after your health insurance has paid its portion. If you do not have health insurance then FAP may help reduce or eliminate the cost of your Valley View bill for emergency and medically necessary services. Since FAP is a discount, it is only applied to your Valley View charges after we review your eligibility for all other possible private or government healthcare coverage programs. If you qualify for FAP, you will not have to pay more than the amount generally billed (AGB) to insured individuals for emergency and medically necessary care. FAP does NOT cover elective procedures. FAP does not cover contractual insurance co-pays and deductibles for services provided by VVH physician practices that bill separately from the Hospital for their services. FAP does not cover services from non-VVH providers or clinics.

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Where to Obtain an Application

Financial assistance applications and document lists are available at no cost in English and Spanish language at our registration and Customer Service areas located at 1906 Blake Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. You can also call the VVH Financial Counseling office at 970.384.6892 to get a copy by mail, or download the application from the link at the top of this page.

Determining Financial Assistance Eligibility

Eligibility is based on your household’s income and assets so you apply for FAP as a family. We verify your income, assets and family size to determine what level of financial assistance we can provide.

VVH offers FAP on a sliding scale for families with income as high as 500% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. The FAP requires complete documentation to support your application. The complete list of required documentation is included with the FAP application.

Discounts Provided through the Financial Assistance Program

Federal Poverty Level            Discount

<           199%                         100%

200% to 299%                        80%

300% to 399%                        50%

400% to 500%                        50%

This is only a summary of the VVH FAP policy. The complete Financial Assistance Policy and Financial Assistance Application are available in English and Spanish by calling 970.384.6892. The complete FAP Policy is also available in person at the VVH patient registration and Customer Service areas located at 1906 Blake Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.

CICP/HDC Hospital Discounted Care

Colorado Indigent Care Program

The CICP provides discounted health care services to low income individuals at participating providers. The CICP is funded with Federal and state dollars to partially compensate participating providers who provide health care to the uninsured and underinsured at or below 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

Who is eligible?

A U.S. citizen or legal immigrant
A Colorado resident or migrant farm worker
Applicants that meet income and resource guidelines
Applicants of any age
Applicants that are not eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)
Applicants who have Medicare and other health insurance
CICP Co-payments for services range from $0 to $630 depending on the family’s qualifying income level.