A healthy resolution for a New Year

Bust through your weight loss roadblocks with these ideas:

“Not enough time” roadblock – Instead of doing one long session of exercise try to build in several short bursts (3 – 5 minutes) that will not disrupt your day.  For example, walk in place during commercials or on the phone.

“I don’t like exercise” roadblock – You don’t have to run or do push-ups to get the benefits of physical activity.  Start by being active with friends or dancing to music.

“I’m worried about my health or injury” roadblock – If you have a hard time being active because of your health, talk to us first.  Additionally, a fitness professional can guide you on how to be active safely.

“I feel self-conscious working out” roadblock – Start with exercising at home until you feel confident.  Be active with friends who will support and encourage you. 

Just think of all your excuses and roadblocks that keep you from achieving your goals.  Write down solutions and start realizing your New Year’s resolution.

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