How will you help a cancer patient Rally?

Massage is available at no cost for our cancer patients,
because of generous donations. Massage can reduce tension, improve sleep and offer relief for stress-related muscle strain.

From the beginning, Valley View has relied on the generosity of this community to bring exceptional healthcare close to home. Since that time, Valley View’s commitment to the health of our community has continued to grow.

This year, the Valley View Foundation is focused on raising funds to support patients of the Calaway·Young Cancer Center. Beyond the medical treatments typically provided at comprehensive cancer centers, Valley View works to personalize care, while demystifying the journey that is cancer. To do this, Valley View relies on donations from the community.

These funds provide survivorship programs, caregiver support groups, integrated therapies, overnight stays and emergency assistance at no additional cost. These resources and services are only available to our cancer patients because of donations like yours.

Support groups are funded through donations and provide our patients and families an opportunity to build community with others who are going through a similar circumstance.

A gift to support cancer care can impact a cancer patient by lowering stress, decreasing pain, allowing for better sleep, decreasing anxiety, improving mobility and increasing energy; thus leading to a more hopeful state-of-mind during and after treatment.

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