Laser Skin Resurfacing at Mt. Sopris Plastic Surgery: What you need to know

For patient in search of younger, healthier skin, who want to minimize lines, wrinkles, acne scars or unwanted hair, Valley View’s Mount Sopris Plastic Surgery offers a variety of laser skin resurfacing treatments. These treatments address a variety of skin issues at varying price points, with discounts for purchasing a series of treatments. Many laser procedures can also utilize Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in which blood is drawn, put in a centrifuge and spun down to nutrient rich cells. A patient’s own platelets absorb deep into the skin stimulating accelerated healing, growth factor and collagen production. And new to the cache of resurfacing offerings – microneedling!



Great for deep wrinkles, acne scaring, hyperpigmentation and overall tone and texture, CO2 is considered the “granddaddy” of lasers. CO2 is a fractional ablative laser, which creates hundreds of thousands of energy beam channels that reach into the dermal layer of the skin, providing a controlled injury. During this process, the top layer of the epidermis is removed, and as a result, the skin’s natural healing process is stimulated creating the growth of new collagen fibers. As the epidermis heals and regrows, treated skin appears clearer, smoother and tighter.

Healing: Approximately two weeks with a post-treatment routine including vinegar washes to prevent infection

Pricing: $3,850 face; PRP add on $300



Great for fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scars and overall tone and texture, Fraxel is a non-ablative fractional laser, wherein the top layer of skin stays intact. Using microthermal heat zones, each column of heat penetrates into the dermal layer of skin, destroying everything in its path. Healthy skin, collagen and elastin within those columns begin to emerge via the skin’s own natural healing process. Two to three treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Healing: Approximately six days (three days of redness/swelling followed by three days of peeling)

Pricing: $1,540, face; $387 additional for neck; PRP add on $300


Clear and Brilliant

Consider to be “Baby Fraxel,” this laser uses the same technology as Fraxel, but is less corrective and has less downtime during healing. Perfect for anyone wanting to fight early signs of aging, decrease pore size or maintain a youthful appearance. Clear and Brilliant is a great starter or maintenance laser, bringing a refreshed look and lasting glow to the skin. Best done in a series of two to four on its own, or in-between Fraxel treatments to maintain and stimulate collagen.

Healing: Approximately three days (one day of redness followed by two days of mild peeling)

Pricing: $449 face; PRP add on $300


IPL – Intense Pulse Light

This photo facial is ideal for pigmentation, sun damage, age spots, redness, rosacea and broken capillaries. IPL technology offers an array of light that targets melanin in the skin. The light energy enters the pigment (reds and browns) and breaks it up. While this laser doesn’t rejuvenate, it does bulk heat the skin tissue so there is added collagen stimulation. Requires multiple sessions for optimal results.

Healing: Seven to 14 days of shedding dark spots from skin

Pricing: $480 face; $320 additional for neck; designated spots $129; hands $320


Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction is a great way to give skin a cleaner look and reduce daily maintenance. It targets melanin in the hair follicle, destroying the follicle over time. Great for those with dark hair on face, chest, bikini line, legs and under arms. On average, six to eight treatments are necessary to obtain best results. More treatments may be necessary. 

Healing: No downtime

Pricing: Varies on treatment area; upper lip $95; chin $116; chest $385; bikini $385; underarms $256; half legs $450



A combination of radio frequency and light energies, Sublime heats the dermal tissue for skin tightening along the sides of face and jawline/jowls. Perfect for those ages 20 to 50 who want gradual and cumulative results. A series of at least five treatments is recommended for best results.

Healing: No downtime

Pricing: $610



This treatment uses thousands of sterilized needles to create controlled microchannels in the skin. Jumpstarts collagen and growth factor production, forming new skin cells without the use of heat. This treatment is safe to use in the summer, and is good for all skin types including those with acne scaring, fine lines or in search of a skin refresh. With the PRP add-on, needles will stamp your own platelets deep into skin, spurring healing and stimulating growth factor – best known as a “vampire facial.”

Healing: Approximately three days

Pricing: $375 face, includes neck; PRP add on $300