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No need to compare. Valley View offering lower prices on imaging services

Valley View is committed to offering advanced, comprehensive imaging services to our community by fellowship trained providers.

Our new, lower, imaging prices include a substantial cut to the price of MRIs and CAT scans. Imaging at Valley View now definitively offers the lowest price MRI and CAT scans in our region.

Visit www.vvh.org/imaging for more information and a full listing of all our prices and services.


  Valley View Mountain Radiology Total
MRI without contrast $885 $205 $1,090
MRI with contrast $885 $205 $1,090
MRI with and without contrast $885 $305 $1,190
MRA with and without $885 $305 $1,190
CT without contrast $885 $205 $1,090
CT with contrast $885 $205 $1,090
CT with and without contrast $885 $305 $1,190