Patient stories | Bob Kurlander

Bob Kurlander knew exactly what he needed to do to experience the “pure joy” of skiing in the Colorado mountains: sell his home in Florida and move to Eagle County where he could become someone who skied on a regular basis, rather than just on annual vacations. So that’s exactly what he did in 2010, and he’s been happily enjoying the winter seasons on skis ever since.

Something else Bob knew he needed as a new resident of Edwards, Colo.: a primary care doctor and medical practice to help monitor his diabetes. As someone living with diabetes, he is diligent with his health, getting blood taken regularly and keeping up with his annual physical. From within the community, Bob heard about Eagle Valley Family Practice, and specifically Dr. Angela Ammon, so he decided to start his search there.

“From that first appointment with Dr. Ammond there was a connection. She is a compassionate, really caring, empathetic person, and it wasn’t just a show,” Bob says. “I got very comfortable with her as my provider from the very first visit.”

The passionate skier and commercial developer didn’t initially realize how important that quality was to him, but he certainly knows it now.

“From reception, to the nurses and doctors at Eagle Valley Family Practice, the minute you walk in the door you can feel the attention to care, and it’s personal,” Bob says. “I look at Valley View as our safety net. We live in one of the most active communities in the country so it’s good to know we have a place to go if anything happens. For me, Dr. Ammond is ground zero for all my medical needs, she is invested in my health and I couldn’t be happier with the network of care I have received at Valley View.”