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At what felt like the end of a very long road of trying to find a solution for a painful condition in her neck, Aspen resident Lisa LeMay saw an ad in the newspaper for the Brain and Spinal Center at Valley View Hospital, and met Dr. Wade Ceola.

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Patty Grace was diagnosed with cancer over six years ago. Aware of the integrated therapies that were offered to all Valley View patients, she began taking advantage of the many services provided beyond infusion. The experience completely changed her life.

Glenwood Springs resident Chip Winn Wells went off-script 16 years ago. After 20 years working as a teacher in the Roaring Fork School district she says she had a “What are you waiting for?” moment and took an early retirement to pursue her lifelong dream of performing theater and film full-time.

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Autumn Bair knows the happiness and joy that patients experience in the Family Birthing Center at Valley View Hospital — as a nurse there she’s spent a lot of time keeping soon-to-be mothers comfortable, and witnessing births of all kinds. But it wasn’t until she experienced giving birth to her sons at the center that she fully appreciated the atmosphere and skills available at the entire hospital as a whole.

Want to know the ins and outs of Valley View Hospital? Talk to someone like Carbondale resident Carol Crum, who has been a patient in the Internal Medicine department for more than two decades, and also volunteers at the desk in the Cancer Center. Carol and her husband followed their two grown children to the Roaring Fork Valley 23 years ago, and for a number of illnesses that required the expertise of an internist, she became a patient of Dr. Susan Inscore soon after. It’s a relationship with not only Dr. Inscore, but with the entire office staff that she has come to rely on.

In 2006 when he was riding his bike down from Vail Pass and around Lake Dillon, George had a bicycle crash that left him unconscious for around six minutes. He woke up with a cracked helmet, and plenty sore from bruises, “toe to ear,” but shook off the injuries and tried not to let the accident slow him down. “I skied all winter like I always do, but by that spring I couldn’t walk for about a week.”

Whatever it takes to find a cure for intense pain in her shoulder, Megan Talarico was willing to keep looking. Fortunately, she looked until the day she met Dr. Ferdinand Liotta, at Valley View’s Glenwood Orthopaedic Center.“I was in acute pain every day — I couldn’t fold laundry or wash the dishes,” Megan says. As someone who enjoyed climbing, rafting and pottery, she knew her hobbies were taxing her upper body, and the problem built up over time until the regular pinching in her shoulder was too much to ignore. The problem had already led her to seek out a first surgery in the Roaring Fork Valley followed by physical therapy, but the pain returned.

Greg Noss might be the only guy in the valley that would tell you he’s fortunate to have seriously injured his shoulder. “When I tore my shoulder and had to get it put back together, I thought, ‘Why not go see my doctor for a routine checkup and some blood work to see how I’m doing?’” he said. It had been several years since Greg had seen his doctor for a routine physical; as an electrical contractor, avid outdoorsman and BLM trails crew volunteer, Greg always felt healthy living his active lifestyle.

“We are redefining healthcare for our community. Always putting patients first, we link expertise, technology and service to provide care where you want it and how you need it. That’s our commitment to convenient, coordinated care. We call that PeopleCare. That’s Valley View.” – Gary Brewer, CEO