Pioneering MazorX Spine Robotics in Western Colorado

Valley View is proud to offer the Mazor X Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance Platform to the residents of Western Colorado. Combining pre-operative planning tools and analytics with intra-operative guidance, the Mazor X Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance Platform will assist the Spine Center at Valley View in providing a heightened level of precision and accuracy during complex spinal procedures such as lumbar fusions. 

Wade M. Ceola, MD, FACS, FAANS, neurosurgeon of the Spine Center at Valley View, and his team have helped thousands of people in Western Colorado overcome chronic back pain. The Spine Center at Valley View is the premier spine center between Denver and Salt Lake City.

“The Mazor X Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance Platform is an extraordinary tool we can use to help patients get their life back,” said Dr. Ceola. “For people with chronic back pain due to common degenerative conditions like arthritis, successful spinal surgery can bring a return to normal life and activity. The Mazor X Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance Platform will provide additional accuracy and precision, as well as decreased risk of infection and shorter recovery times.”

The Mazor X Stealth Edition Platform provides surgeons with pre-operative implant 3D planning and intra-operative trajectory precision when treating that patient. This 3D comprehensive surgical plan and analytics give surgeons comprehensive information and visualization before the surgery starts. The Platform supports surgeons’ commitment to operate with precision.  

With the Mazor X Stealth Edition Platform, patients will experience less pain after surgery, decreased risk of infection, little or no need for narcotic pain medicine, shortened procedure wait times from months to weeks, and improved in-hospital recovery time from days to hours.

“At Valley View, we know that access to healthcare close to home is the top health priority for our community,” said Brian Murphy, MD, CEO of Valley View. “Our mission is to get our patients back to their everyday life as quickly, safely and smartly as possible, and the Mazor X Stealth Edition Platform robot will assist Dr. Ceola and his team in doing just that.” 

Dr. Ceola is board-certified in Neurological Surgery and he offers patients with unparalleled expertise. He completed a 6-year residency, focused on the surgical treatment of neurological conditions. This degree of focus and level of specialization is unique when compared to other musculoskeletal providers. Furthermore, as a fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and American College of Surgeons, he has passed rigorous evaluations that affirm his education and training, professional qualifications, surgical competence and ethical conduct. During his tenure at Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute (SNSI), he was a principal investigator in the largest Investigational Device (IDE) study in the nation and brought the first artificial cervical disc to FDA approval. Dr. Ceola has also been involved in numerous scientific studies including spinal joint replacement, spinal cord injury, facet replacement, and the MISTIE III for minimal access evacuation of intracranial hemorrhage. As the only neurosurgeon between Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction, he provides crucial care to his patients and the Roaring Fork Valley community.

Dr. Ceola is welcoming new patients at Valley View’s Spine Center. Call 970.384.8060 to learn more or schedule today.