Silt Care Center exterior

Silt Family Practice joins the Valley View family

Valley View is proud to announce the opening of Silt Family Practice, located in our Silt HealthCare location. In addtion, we welcome two new providers to the primary care team, Pam McGrogan, MD and Gabriela Khilnani, FNP-C. We interviewed them to learn more about their experience and why they decided to join the Valley View team.


Dr. Pam McGrogan is a family medicine physician at Valley View’s Silt Family Practice. This Canadian-born healer completed medical school south of the equator at St. George’s University in the West Indies, where she graduated magna cum laude. Prior to medical school, she earned her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, again graduating with honors, from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She places an emphasis on lifestyle medicine, a specialty in which she counsels and treats patients for disease reversal and prevention.

“I love to give people insight on how to change their lives and reverse disease,” says Dr. McGrogan. “I’ve worked with patients to reverse diabetes with 50-plus pound weight losses, helped people get off of blood pressure medications and change the course of their lives. It’s the most fulfilling part of my work.”

Dr. McGrogan also has a passion for rural healthcare. “There is such a need for primary care in Silt,” she says. “And it’s such a great community.”


Gabriela Khilnani, FNP-C, joins Valley View to serve patients with primary medical care at Silt Family Practice. As a family nurse practitioner, she is an advanced-practice nurse who cares for patients of all ages—from infancy through adulthood. Her education, clinical training, and daily practice focus on family care.

A dedicated healer, Gabriela began her medical career in Las Vegas as an ICU nurse. “I chose critical care because I felt a calling to be present when I was most needed, at a person’s worst time,” says Gabriela. She returned to school to get her Master of Science in nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner in Pomona, California. “My orientation evolved to want to care for people before they got sick,” she says. “The FNP role supports my training and focuses on caring for the whole body, mind and soul and to be there long-term for my patients.”

Gabriela is also a breast cancer survivor and calls upon the ethics of the Hippocratic Oath daily. “As a cancer survivor, perspective changes,” she says. “In the mornings I wake up and I pray to God that I help people; at the end of the day I pray that I do no harm.”