Treating Golf Injury: Preventing and treating back pain with interventional pain management specialist, Dr. Giora Hahn

For more than 30 years, fellowship-trained Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist Dr. Giora Hahn has been treating chronic pain – including his own.

“The evidence supports the fact that at some point in our lives everyone will probably deal with pain, and I’m no exception,” he says.

An avid mountain biker, hockey player and golfer, Dr. Hahn has long suffered from lower back pain from aging and overuse. Many of his patients, too, arrive at his office with similar issues. From the wrist, shoulders, neck to lower back, Dr. Hahn approaches pain management for golf- and other sports-related injuries with a preventive and active pain management plan, beginning with a full work up of diagnostic imaging to determine where there are areas of weakness.

“In golfers, issues usually are with facet joints – those are the joints that are located up and down the spine at each level and are associated with the twisting motion part of the golf swing,” he says.

Dr. Hahn treats chronic lower back pain with a rehab or PT program, and if things don’t improve, he is able to add certain interventions such as diagnostic nerve blocks, medications and other types of procedural injections around the joints.

“I was drawn to anesthesia because I like dealing with issues that involve chemistry pharmacodynamics, how certain medications that effect the body specifically,” he says. “I like the procedural aspects of preparing patients and making them comfortable. What drew me into pain management was how many different techniques can be used in a very focused way.”

Dr. Hahn also believes in measures to improve both core strength and flexibility. “I take weekly Pilates classes as my main technique for core strengthening and preventative work,” he says. “I utilize different stretches for the back, shoulders, wrist and neck before I go out and hit any balls. It helps keep me fit and keeps me from back stiffness and pain.”

He also notes the connection between body and mind when it comes to pain. “There is usually some connection between psychology, stress and anxiety brought on by chronic pain or vice versa,” he says.

Dr. Hahn practices pain management at The Spine Center at Valley View and collaborates with his provider colleagues to ensure comprehensive and accessible care for our community. The team strives to spend ample time with patients and provide detailed, precise care.

“I enjoy bringing my years of experience in pain management to my patients,” he says. “Having treated every day back issues as long as I have, my patients continue to benefit from my personal and professional experience in managing chronic and acute pain.”

Dr. Hahn is currently welcoming new patients at The Spine Center at Valley View.; 970.384.8060