Valley View’s Emergency Department Achieves Pediatric Advanced Ready Designation

Valley View has been officially recognized as “pediatric ready” by the Colorado Pediatric Preparedness for the Emergency Room (COPPER) Program, marking the first Level III Trauma Center in Colorado to be COPPER verified. As a Level III Trauma Center, Valley View provides 24-hour coverage by emergency medicine physicians, general surgeons and anesthesiologists. This prestigious designation highlights Valley View’s commitment to providing exceptional emergency care tailored specifically to the needs of pediatric patients.

Nationwide, children make up about 20% of emergency visits. In these emergencies, they require specialized care that differs from adult care. Being pediatric-ready means having the specific skills, equipment, protocols and other components necessary for high-quality emergency care of children. Pediatric readiness is vitally important as it is associated with improved outcomes for acutely ill and injured children.

“Valley View prioritizes the care of children and their families,” said Dr. David Brooks, chief medical officer of Valley View and pediatrician with Pediatric Partners. “This designation recognizes the exceptional emergency care tailored to meet the needs of our patients. We are very proud of our team for working to ensure every child who comes through our doors receives the most comprehensive care.”

The program has two levels of recognition: Pediatric Prepared and Pediatric Advanced. The main difference between the two levels is the presence of a physician Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC), which is required for Pediatric Advanced recognition but not for Pediatric Prepared. The program strives to help emergency departments achieve a higher level of pediatric readiness by providing key resources, support and education.