ValleyOrtho offers groundbreaking InSpace™ balloon technology to treat rotator cuff tears

ValleyOrtho, part of Valley View, is proud to offer Stryker’s state-of-the-art biodegradable InSpace™ subacromial balloon spacer, which treats massive and irreparable rotator cuff tears (MIRCTs). The first group on Colorado’s Western Slope to offer this technology, ValleyOrtho is committed to being the trusted leader in innovative, quality-focused, comprehensive musculoskeletal care in Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Eagle, Silt, Willits, and beyond.

Ferdinand “Tito” Liotta, MD

To date, ValleyOrtho’s Ferdinand “Tito” Liotta, MD has performed multiple surgeries using the InSpace balloon implant, including the second and third InSpace surgeries in the state of Colorado.

Traditional arthroscopic repair of a torn rotator cuff involves suture and anchor fixation and requires months of physical therapy for recovery. The InSpace subacromial balloon implant is designed to restore shoulder function and reduce pain without traditional fixation techniques, minimizing recovery time.

“We are pleased to be bringing this new technology to our patients and providing a new surgical option to address challenging MIRCTs,” said Dr. Liotta. “At ValleyOrtho, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most comprehensive care. This surgery is a lot easier to recover from than an extensive repair or reconstruction. The patients on whom I have performed the surgeries are recovering very well.”

With InSpace, a saline balloon is inserted into the shoulder in the space between the rotator cuff and the bony roof above (the acromion). This restores the proper alignment of the shoulder joint, relieving pain and facilitating proper biomechanics with therapy. The balloon dissolves and is absorbed by the body within 12 months of insertion.

The device is indicated for treatment of patients with massive, irreparable full-thickness torn rotator cuff tendons due to trauma; or patients aged 65 and older experiencing degradation with mild to moderate glenohumeral osteoarthritis.

ValleyOrtho’s dedicated group of providers include Noel Armstrong, DPM; Christopher George, MD; Michael Grillot, MD; Dr. Liotta; Tomas Pevny, MD; Michael Potter, MD; and Mark Purnell, MD. ValleyOrtho was formerly Glenwood Orthopedics Center and Foot and Ankle Center at Valley View. Patients are backed by the entire Valley View network of care that includes fellowship-trained radiologists, physicians, and an all-star surgical team.

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