We rally throughout the year.

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We Rally to provide patients of the Calaway·Young Cancer Center an opportunity to receive complimentary services and resources including acupuncture, massage, support groups, emergency assistance and more.

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  • “It’s chemo day! And the best part of chemo day is the massage and PB&J I get to eat. I am so lucky to go to Valley View. From the valet parking and massages I feel like a rock star. And recently I went to another hospital for my surgery consult and it was just so sad and depressing, and felt icky, everyone looked so sick and deathly. At Valley View it isn’t sad, or sickly feeling, which is really nice! As for the PB&J, well each chemo day that’s my treat I have right before the chemo infusion. Man, there is just something about PB&J, it’s so simple but so good.”
    – Kelli, Cancer Center patient