Our goal at Valley View is to make you feel welcome, to be sure that you feel well cared for and to make sure any concerns you have are heard. We understand that being admitted to the hospital is often sudden and scary and we want to make sure you know that our team is here to help make your experience the best that it can be. Even if your admission is planned much of what happens in a hospital setting will seem foreign and maybe confusing, please reach out to our team with your questions. Your individualized care team will include people in several different roles. With this a guide you will find information on some of the individuals that will be involved in your care.

Your Care Team Guide

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The NURSING team at valley view wears Caribbean blue scrubs. You will have a primary nurse assigned to your care at all times; their name will be on the white board in your room and should be updated daily.

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There will also be a PATIENT CARE TECH assigned to your care daily, they wear maroon colored scrubs. The patient care tech will assist you with many of your personal needs and will likely be the first person to answer your call light.

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Occasionally there will be a SAFETY PARTNER assigned to your care team, their role is similar to the PCT. They wear maroon colored scrubs.

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RESPIRATORY THERAPISTS see almost all patients, they will be checking on your breathing and oxygen needs during your stay. Respiratory therapists wear royal blue scrubs.

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS often see many patients, they may see you after a joint surgery or to make sure you have the tools you need to get by after discharge.

There are a variety of PROVIDERS at Valley View including hospitalists, specialists and surgeons. The providers that are involved in your care will vary based on your needs.

We have several VOLUNTEERS that may come to check on you throughout your stay. They may offer to get you a newspaper or help you with other tasks.

DIETARY SERVICES at Valley View works hard to make sure that you receive all of your meals in a timely manner and that you enjoy what you have received. You will receive a menu to choose your meals and your care team will communicate with you your specific diet order. You can call Dietary directly from your room by dialing 7000.


Valley View is pleased to provide INTEGRATED THERAPIES as part of your stay. Our integrated therapists can provide healing touch, gentle massage and aroma therapy to improve the quality of your healing.

Valley View has a CHAPLAIN who will often visit with patients just to sit and talk for a few minutes.  If you would like to request a SPIRITUAL CARE visit for prayer or emotional support please let your care team know so they can arrange.