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Update 3.4.21
Valley View is thrilled to have applied for and received approval from the state of Colorado for 3,500 new vaccines! The new clinics to administer these vaccines will focus on serving diverse communities within our region, particularly our Spanish-speaking community members. Se habla espanol, presione aquí.

New COVID-19 vaccination appointments are available now on Wednesday, March 10 (second dose will be Wednesday, March 31) and Friday, March 12 (second dose will be Friday, April 2). Please only schedule yourself if you are able to make the second dose appointment.

Individuals must be eligible per the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment. This includes the new 1B.3 category: people age 60 and older, frontline essential workers, agricultural and grocery workers, and people 16 to 59 with two or more high risk conditions.

If you schedule yourself for an appointment and are not in an eligible population, you will be turned away. Also, due to the fragile nature of the vaccine we cannot hold your dose if you do not arrive on time for your appointment.  If you schedule your appointment and do not arrive on time, your appointment may be canceled and your dose given to another individual.

Upcoming 1st Dose Vaccine Clinics

  • Wednesday, March 10 | 2nd dose on Wednesday, March 31
  • Friday, March 12 | 2nd dose on Friday, April 2

Upcoming 2nd Dose Vaccine Clinics

At your first dose vaccine, you were scheduled for your second dose. Please refer to those individualized details. A general overview of planned clinics for second doses of vaccines is as follows:

  • Thursday, March 11 | 1st dose received February 10
  • Wednesday, March 31 | 1st dose received March 10
  • Friday, April 2 | 1st dose received March 12

Vaccine Eligibility at Valley View

The state of Colorado has outlined vaccination guidelines Valley View and its entire network of care must follow. For more information on where you may fall in its plan please visit the Garfield County Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine page or the CDPHE COVID-19 Vaccine page.

Effective 3.5.21, Valley View is able to vaccinate the following groups, as outlined by CDPHE.

Residents and workers of Garfield Country are being prioritized to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Garfield County residents are defined as those with a permanent mailing or physical address within Garfield County or, those who own property in Garfield County and reside there for greater than 30 days at a time.

If you are a Valley View patient who lives in another county, we appreciate you choosing Valley View for your healthcare needs. For questions about how you can get the COVID-19 vaccine, we ask you to please reach out to the public health department in your county of residence. 

Vaccine Requirements at Valley View

If you fall into one of the eligible groups listed above, you must also meet the following requirements to receive your vaccine at Valley View:

Scheduling your Appointment

An appointment is required to receive a vaccine at Valley View. No walk-ins are allowed. *If you do not meet the eligibility criteria or your criteria cannot be verified, your appointment may be cancelled.  

Valley View is receiving a limited number of vaccines from the state of Colorado. Based on this limited supply, we can only offer vaccine appointments one week at a time. Check our website often and early in the week for new COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and requirements and we are able to offer vaccine appointments, you may schedule your COVID-19 vaccine appointment online or by phone.

At this time, your second dose will be scheduled during your first dose appointment. The date and time of your second dose will be written on your vaccination card by Valley View staff.

Please note, our online scheduling tool does not work in Internet Explorer so please use an alternate browser such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.

Instructions for Online Scheduling:

  • Patient type – Required: Please select whether you are a new or existing patient. The process is the same for both.
  • Specialty – Required: “Employee Health Center” will auto populate. Please note, this field is mandatory and does not indicate the vaccine is only for employees. It is open for all eligible groups as outlined above.
  • Reason for visit – Required: “COVID-19 Vaccine” will auto populate.
  • Date: Click any day that is highlighted in green. These are the only days that have open appointments at this time. We only schedule appointments after we have received the vaccines.
  • Provider: Please select “David Brooks, MD.” Dr. Brooks is the Chief Medical Officer at Valley View and overseeing these clinics. If you have questions about the vaccine, please do not call Dr. Brooks. Instead, you may call our vaccine hotline at 970.384.7632.
  • Location: Please select “Occupational Health at Valley View.” Please note, this Occupational Health clinic is temporarily located in Valley View’s Conference Center. When you arrive for your vaccine, you will be directed to it.

We currently have appointments available on Wednesday, March 10 and Friday, March 12. 

Schedule Appointment Online

For questions:

As of Tuesday, January 26 at 5 pm, Valley View has closed its waitlist. If you were added to the waitlist prior to January 5 but did not receive your vaccine, we ask you please use our online scheduling tool. There will no longer be a waitlist for current or future eligible populations due to the resources required to manage such a waitlist. Thank you for your understanding.  

Arriving for your Appointment

You need to come to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs and enter at the lower cancer center entrance. We encourage you to park your own car; however, complimentary valet is available for those who require assistance. 

Please do not come to the hospital more than 15 minutes ahead of your window or 15 minutes after your window. This is to allow us to best serve you and make sure we have appropriate physical distancing as part of the vaccination process. If you arrive more than 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment, we may give your vaccine away. 

The following points are key for your appointment:

  • To enter the hospital, you must wear a mask and you will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms. Be prepared to practice social distancing throughout the entire process.
  • Wear clothing that will easily allow you to get your shot.
  • You will wait 15-30 minutes after you receive your vaccine in the post-vaccination observation area.

2nd Dose Information

If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine at Valley View Hospital, you must return to Hospital for a second dose, sometimes referred to as a booster shot. Please read through the following information to determine when you need to return for your second dose. 

You are automatically scheduled for your 2nd dose during your first dose appointment. Your appointment date and time is noted on your Vaccine Card.

All second doses are administered in the same location. Thank you for prioritizing this second appointment as it maximizes the efficacy of your vaccine.

How will I know when it is my turn to be vaccinated?

Garfield County Public Health is posting frequent updates in the news media, on Facebook @garfieldhealth, and on their website on the COVID & Public Health page. To navigate to the COVID & Public Health page from the main Garfield County site, click the red COVID & Public Health rectangle at the top of the page. Sign up to be notified about Garfield County COVID news at

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Additional Questions

  • Question: My provider has referred me for a COVID vaccine. What happens next?
    Answer: You will be contacted by Valley View Hospital when we have received vaccine doses and can schedule you. Please do not call the COVID-19 Community Hotline. The number of vaccines we are receiving is very limited. While we expect ongoing weekly allocations, we appreciate your patience as it may be a couple of weeks until we are able to actually vaccinate you.
  • Question: How can I get on the waitlist for 70 year olds and older?
    Answer: Due to the limited number of vaccines we have received from the state of Colorado, we suspended the waitlist for the COVID-19 vaccine. We now offer online scheduling for eligible groups at you have received a call back from Valley View Hospital and were placed on a waitlist, we will contact you when we have additional doses and can schedule you for your vaccine.If you left a message after 2pm on January 5th, we are unable to call you back.If you have left a voicemail prior to 2pm on January 5th, we will call you back. We appreciate your continued patience.
  • Question: How do you not have enough vaccines for us?
    Answer: The number of vaccines we have received has been very limited. We receive our vaccine supply from the state of Colorado.
  • Question: How do I know if I am eligible to get the vaccine?
    Answer: You can see who is currently eligible at We are partnering with Garfield County Public Health to administer vaccines to those currently eligible. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Garfield County Public Health directly.
  • Question: Who is a Garfield County Resident?
    Answer: Garfield County residents are defined as those with a permanent mailing or physical address within Garfield County or, those who own property in Garfield County and reside there for greater than 30 days at a time.
  • Question: I was placed on the waitlist between January 1 – 5 . When can I expect to get the vaccine?
    Answer: While we are receiving weekly allocations, they are limited in quantity. So we do not have a definitive timeline. We are so grateful for your patience and will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Question: Can I just walk in and get the vaccine?
    Answer: No, we are not accepting walk-ins. Any individual who arrives without an appointment and necessary information will be redirected.
  • Question: How will I know when I can come back for my 2nd dose?
    Answer: You are automatically scheduled for your 2nd dose during your first dose appointment. Your second dose appointment is noted on your Vaccine Card.
  • Question: I am an individual who is not in the current phases, can you put me on your vaccine wait list?
    Answer: Valley View does not have such waitlists so we are unable to place you on one. Our focus is to partner with Garfield County Public Health to administer the vaccine to current eligible populations. We encourage you to follow Garfield County Public Health.
  • Question: How much does the vaccine cost?
    Answer: The vaccine is free and Valley View will not charge an administration fee.