Meet Valley View’s High School Athletic Trainers

You see them at every practice and every game. They share in the joys of winning and in the pain of defeat. They are an integral part of the team, but their jobs are done off the field (or court, or track) and away from the spotlight. Athletic trainers are multi-skilled healthcare professionals who provide preventative services, emergency care, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. They are licensed and work under the direction of physicians.

For over 20 years, Valley View has invested in the Roaring Fork School District by providing a majority of the staff salaries for the athletic trainers at Basalt High School, Roaring Fork High School, and Glenwood Springs High School to ensure our student athletes are participating to the utmost of their abilities in a safe and fun environment. Athletic trainers make sure our kids are healthy to practice and compete at high levels.

Get to know the athletic trainers of the Roaring Fork School District:

Marni Barton is going into her 19th season with Glenwood Springs High School. She has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a master’s degree in athletic training. Marni became an athletic trainer because she has a passion for interacting with kids and prefers high school athletics because “it’s one of the last times kids participate for a love of the sport.” Marni also teaches a sports medicine independent study class for students interested in careers in the field of medicine.

Ryan Erickson has been an athletic trainer at Roaring Fork High School for the past ten years. After a pulled muscle injury in high school, he knew he had a calling in performance improvement for athletes and received his bachelor’s degree in health and human performance with an emphasis in athletic training. He appreciates taking his athletes “the full distance” and providing preventative care for a wide range of injuries. Ryan is now seeing the younger siblings of his earlier student athletes come of age. He appreciates the longevity he witnesses firsthand compared to other health-related professions.

Kristin Whitley is starting her seventh year as the athletic trainer for Basalt High School. She earned her bachelor’s degree in athletic training and holds a master’s degree in sports administration. Kristin feels passionate about seeing her student athletes reach their utmost potential in their sport. During the busy fall season, she oversees seven different sports in addition to teaching a sports first aid class to seniors. She also trains and teaches student athletic trainers who are interested in pursuing degrees in sports medicine.