Mako Robotic Arm

Mako Robotic Arm: Precision Surgery gets Aspen resident ready for summer festivals

Christopher George, MD with Mako Robotic Arm

Investing in Medically Advanced Equipment and Technology

Part-time Aspen resident Hilda Clark knew she needed to take action when her right knee proved unresponsive to other treatments. Her decision to undergo a right total knee replacement using Mako Robotic Arm surgery was the best decision she could have made, and she did it with confidence at ValleyOrtho.

Transforming the way knee and hip replacements are performed, the Mako Robotic Arm is a state-of-the-art technology that allows orthopedic surgeons to precisely perform joint replacement surgery based on each person’s unique anatomy.

While the Mako Robotic Arm is typically only found in large metropolitan areas, Valley View was the first hospital in the Roaring Fork Valley and Eagle River Valley to use this medical advancement. As part of the Valley View family, ValleyOrtho is proud to offer this remarkable technology that reduces post-surgical pain, shortens hospital stays, and promotes quicker rehabilitation.

What is the Mako Robotic Arm?

The Mako Robotic Arm can perform partial or total knee replacements, as well as total hip replacements. This advancement allows orthopedic surgeons to pre-plan surgery using Mako’s software. Next, they perform the operation by guiding the robotic arm.

The treatment starts with a CT scan and virtual 3D model of the patient’s joint. That model is then loaded into the Mako system software to create a surgical plan, specifically based on the patient’s anatomy, before entering the operating room.

When a ValleyOrtho orthopedic surgeon performs the operation, the Robotic Arm assists in providing precise component placement and alignment of the knee or hip. This allows the surgeon to make adjustments as needed during the operation.

Chad Mahan, MD

Reducing Risk of Complications

The Mako Robotic Arm allows the surgeon to get within 2 millimeters of where he/she needs to make an incision to prepare the bone for the implant. This more accurate placement reduces the risk of complications.

How is the Mako Robotic Arm Changing the Way Joint Replacement Surgeries are Performed?
It provides each patient with a personalized surgical experience based on a specific diagnosis and anatomy.

As of May 2021, Valley View has performed 500 Mako Robotic Arm surgeries from one single provider, Orthopedic Surgeon Chris George, MD, since making the technology available to patients in 2018. With the recent addition of Tomas Pevny, MD, and Chad Mahan, MD, the ValleyOrtho team of total joint surgeons have performed over 1,000 total Mako Robotic Arm assisted surgeries to date. Valley View anticipates it will triple this number in the next few years. These milestones are a true testament to Valley View’s dedicated team of doctors and the patients who so greatly benefit from this life-changing technology.

Part-time Aspen resident Hilda Clark amazed at her successful outcome

Hilda Clark shares in a successful outcome among hundreds of other patients. A longtime patient of ValleyOrtho Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Pevny, Hilda trusted his advice and knew that the total knee replacement surgery was the right decision. She underwent her total right knee replacement surgery to address her chronic arthritis and a significant injury she received while at a dog park.

Tomas Pevny, MD

While it was a big decision, it was the last step in previous recovery efforts, including platelet-rich plasma therapy and stem cell therapy. As a healthcare worker herself, she knew she needed surgery and trusted Dr. Pevny’s recommendation of the Mako Robotic Arm. Without hesitation, she scheduled her surgery with great anticipation of her new titanium knee, the Stryker Triathlon.

“I was pleasantly surprised that the surgery took less than an hour to perform, and how little pain I experienced,” said Ms. Clark, who counts travel and attending outdoor festivals as favorite pastimes. “I had an unexpectedly quick rebound to normal activities. After six months, I didn’t even think about the surgery. Today, I only have a small scar and am fully back to all of my normal activities.

“I trusted the Mako Robotic Arm technology, but I knew that Dr. Pevny was performing the surgery, and was overseeing every step of the process,” she continued. “This surgery was a great success and I received the very best care from Dr. Pevny. I would recommend ValleyOrtho and its talented team of doctors to anyone considering this surgery.”

Home to fellowship-trained, experienced surgeons, ValleyOrtho is dedicated to returning patients to the active lifestyle enjoyed here in the Roaring Fork Valley. As part of the Valley View family, ValleyOrtho is committed to being the trusted leader in innovative, quality-focused, comprehensive musculoskeletal care in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. Its surgeons have access to cutting-edge technologies and support services offered in a comfortable environment.