Kabra and Gilley

Rocky Mountain Urology Center at Valley View welcomes new robotic surgeon and advanced nurse practitioner

When longtime Rocky Mountain Urology Center urologist Dr. Brian Murphy assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer at Valley View later this year, patients will continue be in expert hands thanks to the addition of Aashish Kabra, MD to the practice. Dr. Kabra comes to Valley View most recently from Denver Urology Clinic, where he advanced the practice by providing more complex services in the field of robotics and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Kabra joins current physicians Jeffrey Fegan, MD and Jamie Lowe, MD.

“Urology as a field has changed tremendously even from what it was 10 or 15 years ago,” Kabra explains. “Advancements in the way conditions are treated is changing and it’s important to stay on top of that.”

Kabra’s experience with minimally invasive and robotic surgery is needed in the region. Rocky Mountain Urology Center is currently the only urology clinic in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys. “It’s important for us to stay on the leading edge of treatment options, so patients don’t need to travel so far to get advanced care,” says Susan B. Anthony, Director of Rocky Mountain Urology Center.

Growing up in Houston, Texas, in the shadow of NASA, lead to an early passion for space, science and technology for Kabra. After being accepted into a physician scientist program in upstate New York, he was exposed to the modern breakthroughs in medicine, and specifically urology, for minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Generally, MIS involves surgery done through one or more small incisions, using small tubes and tiny cameras. MIS is associated with less pain and a shorter hospital stay than more traditional types of surgery. Because of this, MIS is sometimes less costly to the healthcare system, a win-win for increasing patient satisfaction while reducing cost.

In addition to treatment options for kidney and prostate cancer, upper urinary tract reconstruction and bladder surgeries, Kabra also brings experience in advanced surgical options for erectile dysfunction. “A lot of times patients wait too long, or perhaps under report since it is a sensitive issue. Patients put a lot of confidence and trust in me, and I feel honored when patients feel they can open up and talk about these things. Oftentimes it delves into relationships and life and stress and then it’s much more than patient/doctor relationship. That’s the other great part (in addition to the technology) of why I chose urology.”

Connections made with patients in a smaller community clinic are what drew Dr. Kabra to choose Rocky Mountain Urology Center over other opportunities.

“I wanted to come to a place where I could really focus on patient care,” Kabra says.” In addition to treating urologic conditions, Kabra will also focus his practice on disease management and prevention.

“Older Americans may not go to their primary care doctor for an annual physical, but may see a urologist for incontinence or erectile dysfunction. In that way, our role turns into that of an educator about lifestyle choices to prevent not only urologic diseases, but diseases of the whole body. That process starts in our office – trying to emphasize the importance of seeing a primary care provider on a regular basis.”

Kabra also points to the collaboration between physician practices, the hospital and the Calaway•Young Cancer Center as a reason he chose Valley View to practice. “For example, cancer treatment is becoming more multi-modal. It’s not just one type of treatment anymore; we’re looking at the molecular and genetic level on a lot of this so it involves a lot of work of a large group of individuals from different backgrounds. It’s important to have that kind of multi-disciplinary approach.”

Personally, Kabra is a reluctant ultra-runner, having recently completed the notorious 100-mile trail run, the Leadville 100. “It started with me running six miles one day a few years ago. Then I had to run six miles back! I started to understand why ultra-running is such a perfect complement to a career style like this and the challenges it brings.” He looks forward to connecting with the ultra-runner community in the valley and hitting the local trails this summer. Dr. Kabra began seeing patients May 1 at Rocky Mountain Urology Center’s main location in Glenwood Springs at Valley View Hospital, as well as Aspen, Eagle and Rifle.

In addition to Dr. Kabra, Advanced Practice Nurse Ashley Gilley will be stepping into a new role at Rocky Mountain Urology Center, having been the clinical nursing supervisor at the practice for almost nine years. Ashley will begin seeing patients at Rocky Mountain Urology locations in Glenwood Springs and Rifle on May 1.

Having worked side-by-side with Drs. Fegan and Lowe for almost a decade, Gilley is enthusiastic about continuing her career in office-based urology, with an emphasis in recurrent urinary tract infections, low testosterone, and pelvic pain.

“My background in nursing has also installed in me a passion for patient education, including lifestyle counseling for prostate and bladder cancer patients, and teaching stone prevention strategies,” Gilley says.

For more information, call 970.928.0808 or visit www.vvh.org/urology.